Plant Support with Anti-Rust, Weather-Resistance and Low Costs

The peony seedling grow along the direction of circle grow through plant support with three rings.

Walcoom offers you different types of plant supports used for various plants to meet your needs.

Except for the plant support cage, spiral plant support, trellis netting and trellis panels, we also have various plant supports with other shapes. In fact, the main function of all plant supports are similar, just because of the shapes and specifications of all kinds of plants are not the same, so different types of plant brackets are produced.

You can find some information of other plant supports on this page or in some file, all of the products that we have introduced on this page can be customized according to customer needs.


  • UV resistant, rust resistant, weather-resistance, corrosion resistant.
  • Beautiful appearance, easy to integrate with the surrounding environment.
  • Easy to store, saving space.
  • Used flexible and easily assemble.
  • Low maintenance, saving costs
  • Sturdy and durable with long life expectancy, can be used year after year.


  • Different types
    • Plant support stakes
    • Umbrella support
    • Obelisk plant support
    • Border plant support
    • Single stem plant supports
    • Mushroom trellis
    • Plant support tower
    • Tall expandable pea trellis
    • Link plant supports
    • Squash cradle
    • Strawberry supports
    • Adjustable stem plant supports
    • Bow plant supports
    • Grow through plant supports

    Because the specifications of the above plant supports are quite different, so they are not listed in detail on this page. Customers can download PDF for reference if interested in a certain type of plant support


Other plant supports can be used to support many plants, such as:

  • Climbing tree.
  • Flower tree.
  • Pea.
  • Melon.
  • Pepper.
  • Reineckea.
  • Zantedeschia.
  • Peony.
  • Strawberry.
A border plant is supporting the plants in the garden.
A black powder painted mushroom trellis is used to support flower tree.
A detail picture of galvanized plant support tower for pea plant.
A green squash cradle for supporting a melon.
A detail picture of a red tall expandable pea trellis.
A powder coated bow plant support is used to support reineckea.
A umbrella plant support is supporting the green plant in the courtyard.
Several galvanized plant stakes are supporting the pepper plants.
Four galvanized link plant supports link a square shape for standing the herb.
An adjustable stem plant support used to support zantedeschia.
Three green powder coated sing stem plant supports for supporting peony and herbaceous plants.
Four galvanized strawberry supports are used to support the strawberry in the garden.
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