Climbing Net–Good Tenacity, High Ductility, Wear and Weather Resistance

A piece of yellow climbing net were placed on the grass.

Walcoom offers you climbing net with high bearing capacity and wear resistance to protect your safety.

Climbing net is made of high density polyethylene, nylon or PP. According to the different mesh shape, it can be divided into common climbing net and spider web netting.

Both of them with high bearing capacity and high strength, so it allows many people to stand or climb on it at the same time. And it also with good tenacity, wear resistance and weather resistance, this makes it can be used for a long time even in outdoors. In addition, the meshes aren't easy to deform, the size of net is stable, so it is widely used in the amusement parks, schools, training grounds and attractions.


  • Good tenacity, wear resistance.
  • High ductility and good weather resistance.
  • The meshes aren't easy to deform, the size of net is stable.
  • High security.
  • Easy to use.
  • Firm and durable.


  • Name
    Climbing net, climbing mesh, climbing netting.
  • Material
    HDPE, polyester, nylon, PP, PE.
  • Max. length
    50 m.
  • Max. width
    15 m.
  • Rope diameter
    • Climbing net: 13–20 mm.
    • Spider web netting: 25–30 mm.
  • Mesh size (mm)
    100 × 100, 45 × 45, 30 × 30 or customized.
  • Breaking strength
    3000 lbs (1361 kg).
  • Type
    Woven netting.
  • Color
    Black, white, blue, red or customized.


Climbing nets are widely used on the facilities of amusement parks, schools, training grounds and attractions to protect the safety of people.

Three children are playing on the horizontal climbing net.
Several people are standing on the climbing net.
An adult and a child are climbing the spider shaped web and another kid is watching them.
There are three children are playing on the yellow climbing net.
A man is standing on the climbing net and one arm is catching the rope.
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