Plastic Shade Cloth with UV Resistant, Mesh Structure and Lightweight

A corner of black plastic shade cloth with a brass grommet on the white background.

Walcoom provides you plastic shade cloth with suitable shade rate according to your plants need.

Plastic shade cloth can be divided into two types: woven plastic shade cloth and knitted plastic shade cloth. Plastic shade cloth is made of polypropylene or high density polyethylene, it is UV resistant to reduce the solar radiation. In addition, brass grommet and galvanized eyelets button reinforced the edges, this makes plastic shade cloth more durable.

Due to the lightweight, low cost and uniform mesh, plastic shade cloth becomes an ideal shading net to protect residence, pet or poultry house, horticulture, garden and greenhouse from the sun.


  • UV resistant reduces the solar radiation.
  • Mesh structure provides the desired airflow and uniform shading.
  • Brass grommet and galvanized eyelets button reinforced edge.
  • Reduce the incidence of pests and diseases.
  • Material can be recycled, no harm to human, plants or environment.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Durable with longer lifespan, and during this time, shade rate remain constant.


  • Name
    Plastic shade cloth, plastic shade net, plastic shade netting.
  • Material
    Polypropylene, high density polyethylene.
  • Type
    • Woven plastic shade cloth
      • Shade rate: 30% – 80%.
      • Width (m): 1.8, 3, 3.7, 4.5.
      • Length (m): 3.7, 5.5, 6.1, 7.3, 11, 14.6, 18.5, 22, 30.
      • Color: mainly is black.
    • Knitted plastic shade cloth
      • Shade rate: 30% – 95%.
      • Width: 1–6 m.
      • Length: any length.
      • Structure: monofilament + monofilament, monofilament + tape, tape + tape.
      • Color: black, green, blue, white, beige.
      • Weight
        • Monofilament + monofilament weight: 100–280 g/m2.
        • Tape + tape weight: 75–240 g/m2.
        • Monofilament + tape weight: 95–240 g/m2.


Plastic shade cloth is mainly used in such place:

  • Greenhouse, not only with UV resistant, but also reduce the damage of wind, rain, snow and hail.
  • Horticulture, protect the crops from the sun.
  • Construction site, prevent the sand or mounds from being blowing away.
  • Residence.
  • Pet or poultry house.
  • Garden.
A dog pen covered by dark green plastic shade cloth and two dogs in it.
Black plastic shade cloth on steel structure in greenhouse.
Black plastic shade cloth gives green plants uniform shadow and uniform air flow.
Plastic shade cloth for protecting the growth of flower and four workers are taking care of it.
Beside many trees, a piece of plastic shade cloth fixed on the steel tube.
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