Gutter Has Corrosion Resistance, High Strength, Good Drainage Effect

This is a white K style gutter.

Our gutter with drainage effect is not only can decorate your roof but also can drainage rainwater.

Gutter plays an important role in the house, especially in the rainy days. Gutter is installed in the eaves to avoid getting wet by the rainwater falling from the roof. It can make the rainwater flow along the gutter. Nowadays, more and more families like to collect and reuse the rainwater. You can install a pipe in gutter to collect and reuse rainwater. Our gutter products with high strength are not easy to be damaged by rain, snow or stones. In addition, our products are not easy to be corroded by rainwater. We provide various materials, sizes and types of gutters for you to choose.


  • High strength, not easy to be damaged.
  • Corrosion resistance, rust resistance.
  • Good drainage effect.
  • Various types, materials and sizes to meet different needs.
  • Easy to install without extra tools.


  • Material

    Aluminum, copper, vinyl.

    This is a aluminum gutter.

    Aluminum gutter

    This is a copper gutter.

    Copper gutter

    This is a vinyl gutter.

    Vinyl gutter

  • Length
    10', 18', 20'. Other sizes can be customized.
  • Width
    5", 6". Other sizes can be customized.
  • Type

    K style gutter, half round gutter.

    This is a K style gutter.

    K style gutter

    This is a half round gutter.

    Half round gutter


Gutter can be used in the eaves of many buildings to drain the rainwater, such as

  • House.
  • Villa.
  • Apartment.
The K type gutter is installed in the eaves.
The gutter is installed in the eaves of house with pipe.
The gutter is installed in the eaves of villa.
The gutter can be installed in the eaves with drainage pipe.
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