Hinged Gutter Guard – Weather Resistance, Easy Install, High Strength

This is a copper gutter with hinged gutter guard.

Walcoom provides hinged gutter guard and hinge clips to make your gutter become more easy to clean.

Hinged gutter guard is a kind of special gutter guard. It is made of gutter mesh and hinges clips. Our hinged gutter guard is made of galvanized aluminum, copper or steel. So it is not easy to be crushed by snow and other rubbishes. And our hinged gutter guard is not easy to be corroded by the rainwater. In addition, it is not to be broken in the low temperature. The important feature is that it is easy to install and open with hinges clips. For the gutter, hinged gutter guard make it is easy to be cleaned.

We also provide hinges clips to install various sizes hinged gutter guards and gutters.


  • High strength, not easily to be crushed by snow.
  • Wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • Weather resistance. Not easy to be broken in low temperature.
  • Easy to install with stainless steel hinges clips.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Material
    Galvanized aluminum, copper or steel.
  • Width
    5", 6", 7". Other sizes can be customized.
  • Length
    3'. Other sizes can be customized.
  • Applicable gutters

    K style gutter, half round gutter.

    This is a K style gutter with hinged gutter guard.

    Hinged gutter guard in K style gutter

    This is a half round gutter with hinged gutter guard.

    Hinged gutter guard in half round gutter

  • Accessory

    The hinges clips help you install the hinged gutter guards on gutters easily. It is made of stainless steel.

    There are many stainless steel hinges clips.

    Stainless steel hinges clips

    This is a piece of hinged gutter guard with hinges clips.

    Hinges clips in hinged gutter guard


Hinged gutter guards can be installed on gutters with hinges clips. They are used in the roof of many buildings, such as:

  • House.
  • Villa.
  • Apartment.
  • Office building.
The hinged gutter guard and gutter is installed in eaves.
The copper hinged gutter guard and gutter is installed in the roof.
A hand is holding the hing gutter guard.
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