Common Test Sieve – Woven Mesh, Perforated Test Sieve, or Grid Sieve

A stainless steel common test sieve with cross steel rod under mesh center.

Walcoom provides you all kinds of test sieves for sieving grain, soil, flour or coffee powder.

Common test sieves can be divided into three types: woven mesh test sieve, perforated test sieve and grid sieve.

Woven mesh test sieve is used for precise classification in research laboratory and metallurgy or construction industries with the precise opening. Perforated test sieve has two shapes of openings: square and round. Grid sieve is made of frame and bar, and it is used for flakiness testing of aggregates.

In summary, these test sieves can be used in many place, such as: research laboratory, garden, metallurgy industry, construction industry and so on.


  • High strength, not easy to be damaged.
  • Lightweight structure, easy to use and transport.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Fine sieve frame with no leak.
  • Strong and durable with longer lifespan.


  • Frame material
    Stainless steel, brass.
  • Mesh material
    Stainless steel wire.
  • Standard
    ASTM E323-11, ASTM E11-16, E161-12, ISO 565-1990, ISO 3310-1, ISO 3310-2, ISO 3310-3, ISO 2591-1, GB/T 6003.
  • Type

    Woven mesh test sieve, perforated test sieve, grid sieve.

    Two stainless steel woven mesh test sieves on the white background with different diameter and opening size.

    Woven mesh test sieve

    Seven perforated test sieves on the white background with different diameters and opening.

    Perforated test sieve

    Two grid sieves on the white background with one standing, and some aggregates beside of the grid sieve.

    Grid sieve

    • Woven mesh test sieve
      • Diameter size (mm): 38, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 315, 350, 400, 450.
      • Aperture size: from 20 µm to 125 mm.
    • Perforated test sieve
      • Diameter size (mm): 200, 300, 315, 350, 400, 450.
      • Aperture size
        • Square: from 4 mm to 125 mm.
        • Round: from 1 mm to 125 mm.
    • Grid sieve
      • Slot material: stainless steel.
      • Type of mesh: bar.
      • Slot width: 2.5–50 mm.
      • Dimension: 300 mm × 300 mm square.
      • Height: 75 mm.
Table 1: Detailed Specification of Grid Sieve
Item Slot Width (mm) Particle Size Fraction (mm) Net Weight Unpacked (kg)
GST-01 2.5 4–5 3.2
GST-02 3.15 5–6.3 3.1
GST-03 4 6.3–8 2.9
GST-04 5 8–10 2.8
GST-05 6.3 10–12.5 2.6
GST-06 8 12.5–16 2.5
GST-07 10 16–20 2.3
GST-08 12.5 20–25 2.2
GST-09 16 25–31.5 2.1
GST-10 20 31.5–40 2
GST-11 25 40–50 1.9
GST-12 31.5 50–63 1.8
GST-13 40 63–80 1.7
GST-14 50 80–100 1.6


Common test sieves are mainly used in the following places:

  • Garden.
  • Laboratory.
  • Metallurgy industry.
  • Construction industry.
  • Home.
A people uses a green test sieve to separate soil from manure in the garden.
A woman is digging a potato and put it into test sieve in the kitchen.
A people uses a stainless steel test sieve for sieving soil.
A people uses a stainless steel woven mesh test sieve for sieving flour.
There are three different perforated test sieves, and one is with much corn kernels.
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