Sieve Shaker – 3 inch, 8 inch and heavy Duty Sieve Shaker

A sieve shaker on the white background.

You can find sieve shaker with low noise, high efficiency, evenly moved and free maintenance in Walcoom.

There are mainly three types of sieve shaker in Walcoom, they are: 3 inch sieve shaker, 8 inch sieve shaker and heavy duty sieve shaker.

Sieve shaker is a high efficiency instrument for sieving. It feature of high frequency makes it becomes an ideal choice for fine particle separation. The sieve shaker combines transverse and up-down and tilt motion to make the test material shake in the sieving orbital. This fast and effective movement utilizes the mesh area and ensures the sieving and separation of the test materials. In addition, see-through cylinder is helpful for observing.


  • Low noise.
  • Sieving can be done in a dry and humid environment.
  • Even in a short time, there is an excellent sieving efficiency.
  • The sample can be moved evenly on the sieving surface.
  • Easy operation, free maintenance.


  • Sieve Shaker type
    • 3 inch sieve shaker: 3 inch sieve shaker is suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods and other fine powders. Its small size, small footprint and quiet operation are ideal for the separation of dry powder samples.
    • 8 inch sieve shaker: 8 inch sieve shaker is an economical and affordable sieve shaker, and the performance is superior to other equipment of the same price. This sieve shaker can accommodates 6 full-height sieves and pan or 13 half-height sieves and pan.
    • Heavy duty sieve shaker: Heavy duty sieve shaker can accommodate 10 full height 2" deep, 20 half height 1" deep plus pan and cover. This equipment is made of heavy duty steel without belts and chains, so makes the sieve shaker more durable.


Sieve shaker can be used to sieve grain, fiber, flat crystals, plants and so on in research and quality inspection department.

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