A set of filter element made of yellow filter paper for car air filtration.

Air filter element protect the car engine from running properly.

What is the air filter used for? It is the filter of impurities, and we can compare it to a mask of the engine.

The air filter element is used to filter the air entering the engine.

Haze, dust in the air is always there, especially in winter, if there is no air filter, so the dust, sand, powder will all ran into the car's engine, the piston and cylinder.
Some small dust may still be very hard, will wear out the cylinder, at the same time the oil will be polluted, which will cause great damage to your car. Not only will increase fuel consumption, engine power will decline.

Air filter element plays a important role.

This air filter element is made of filter paper, noting it is not normal paper.
If the air filter is not installed, it will be equivalent to the engine running naked, and the sandstorm will run into the car's circulatory system without any obstacles.
So, the impurities are filtered by the air filter element, please don’t forget to replace and maintenance the air filter element of your car.