A close-up picture of hydraulic oil filter element made of stainless steel.

Hydraulic oil filter element made of stainless steel.

Maintenance work of hydraulic oil filter element is very important. We have compiled a list of steps as following:

  1. Change before you put off the original hydraulic oil, and check the return oil filter element, oil suction filter element, pilot filter element, look to whether with iron scrap, copper scrap or other impurities, so there may be hydraulic components failure. After troubleshooting, cleaning the hydraulic system.
  2. When changing hydraulic oil, all hydraulic oil filter elements should be replaced at the same time (return oil filter element, oil suction filter element, pilot filter element), otherwise it is equivalent to not changing.
  3. Identify the hydraulic oil label, and the hydraulic oil of different labels and different brands should not be mixed, which may cause the reaction to produce flocculation.It is recommended to use the excavator for oil.
  4. Before refueling, it is necessary to install the oil filter element, and the pipe port with the oil filter core is directly to the main pump. If the impurities are entered, it will speed up the main pump wear and tear, or even hit the pump.
  5. Refueling to standard position, the hydraulic tank usually has oil level gauge, look at the liquid level gauge.Pay attention to the way of parking, usually all of the oil cylinder is withdrawn, that is, the small arm, bucket fully extended and fall to the ground.
  6. After adding the oil, pay attention to the main pump to exhaust air. Otherwise, the main pump will not operate for a while. The main pump will have a abnormal sound (air sonic boom), even the main pump will be damaged by the heavy air hole. The air outlet method is to loosen the pipe joint directly at the top of the main pump and fill it directly.