Gridwall Panel Is High Load Bearing Capacity & Large Capacity Supporter

A foldable black gridwall panel hanging various kinds of accessories.


This is foldable gridwall panel used in small store. Foldable gridwall panel is very commonplace, not only be used in stores, also available in home, supermarket, retail store, trade fair and so on. There are a number of advantages of the foldable gridwall panel. First, it is a good display ideal for hanging all kinds of accessories. Second, it is self-standing and large load bearing capacity, greatly save space.

A rectangle panel hang below the ceiling supporting some boxes.


A overhead gridwall panel is a hanging container, hung below the ceiling. It has a simple structure, consist of a welded wire panel and four legs. The overhead gridwall panel features load bearing capacity, sturdy and ventilation, etc. Overhead gridwall panel is able to used in garage, warehouse, archive room and so on.

White gridwall panel with multiple square spaces storing clothes in clothing shop.


Gridwall panel design varies in actual needs. As the picture illustration, this gridwall panel has 5 layers and each layer support a great deal of clothes. The multi-storey gridwall panel is usually attach to the wall. Mainly for displaying shoe, clothes, bags and others in shops. The size of gridwall panel depends on actual needs and customers' requirement.

Black gridwall panel attach against the wall and supports a number of clothes.


Gridwall panel is made of 1/4" diameter carbon steel, with a black protective coating. Gridwall panel is particular designed to save space when in shops. Gridwall panel is a plain sheet with numerous square mesh hole, thus allows hooks hanging on, in this way, maximum enlarge the capacity. Gridwall panel is the best display ideal for you.

A white self-standing gridwall panel hangs all kinds of commodities in a store.


The type of gridwall panel is a self-standing panel in shop. Gridwall panel is both large capacity and load bearing capacity. The gridwall panel display is full of great fixtures but still stand stably. Another advantage of gridwall panel is that its large porous holes easy to hang or remove objects.

Four square basket attach against the white wall to store some towels, paper and so on.


Gridwall panel sometimes can be made into small square basket attaching against the wall. The small gridwall panel rack usually is three-storey. Mainly use in bathroom, kitchen or other places. The lovely small gridwall panel not only saves space but also makes the room tidy. It an environment-friendly and economical product prevail in our daily life.

Gridwall panels attach against tent, supporting a great deal of bags and photo frames.


Sometimes, people need temporary display shelves for their commodities. Gridwall panel either self-standing or non-standing. Certainly both freestanding and non-standing are available. Gridwall panel is light-weight but able to support numerous goods. Additionally, it is portable, easy to stand and move around. If you want a portable temporary display supporter, gridwall panel might be the good choose.

Gridwall panel attach against the wall allows some baskets and various utensils hanging on.


Gridwall panel attach to the wall is able to support commodities alone. It also permits baskets hanging on, thus the baskets can hold others goods which not easy to hang on gridwall panel. To improve its corrosion nature, the surface would coated with zinc or powder coating. To enlarge its capacity, you can hang baskets on the panel.


  • High load bearing capacity.
  • Large capacity.
  • Saving space.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Removable or stationary.
  • Long-term use.


  • Material
    Carbon steel wire.
  • Need to attach to the wall
    • Panel size (L × W): 1' × 5', 2' × 4', 2' × 5', 2' × 6', 2' × 7', 2' × 8'; 3' × 6', 3' × 8', 4' × 6', 4' × 4', 4' × 8'.
    • Wire diameter: 1/4''.
    • Weight: 6.4kg/pc.
  • Self-standing
    • Wire diameter: 5–10 mm.
    • Size (W × L): 600 × 1200 mm, 600 × 1500 mm; 600 × 1800 mm, 1200 ×1200 mm, 1200 × 1500 mm, 1200 × 1800 mm.
  • Surface treatment
    Powder coating, electro galvanized.
  • Color
    White, black, chrome.
  • Accessories
    Hook, bracket, basket, screw, 5-J hook arms, S-shaped hook, wheel, basket.
  • Package
    Packed by waterproof bags and then put into carton.
  • Types of gridwall panel
    Plain gridwall panel, needs to attach to the wall.

    GP-01: Usually need to attach to the wall

    Two free standing panels.

    GP-02: Self-standing gridwall panel

    A foldable gridwall panel.

    GP-03: A foldable gridwall panel

    A four leaves gridwall panel.

    GP-04: Four-dimension gridwall panel

    A foldable triangle gridwall panel.

    GP-05: A triangle gridwall panel

    A movable rectangle gridwall panel.

    GP-06: A movable gridwall panel

    A movable gridwall panel has large capacity.

    GP-07: A movable four leaves gridwall panel

    A self standing gridwall panel.

    GP-08: A self-standing gridwall panel

    A white coating gridwall panel often hang below the ceiling.

    GP-09: An overhead gridwall panel

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