358 Security Prison Fence Surrounds Prison – High Rigidity & Security

Fences commonly used for defense or protection reason, are usually high protective and anti-destructive properties. 358 security prison fence is known for anti-climbing, providing proper sight through the mesh opening. It is the good choice for defense purpose when used as prison fence.

358 security prison fence is a strong and solid product. For long-term use, the surface will coated with protective paint such as hot dipped galvanised, powder coating, PVC coating and so on. For high security reason, the top of 358 security prison fence is usually added with concertina razor wires or barb wires, thus, greatly improve prison fence defense property.

Walcoom 358 security prison fence surrounds prison can against escapees, but also serve as opposite purpose, stopping trespassers or intruders from entering the facility. In addition to prison fence, 358 security prison fence is suitable for hospital, military base, power station, railway station, etc.


  • High rigidity and high security.
  • Difficult to climb and cut.
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • Clear sight through the aperture.
  • Easy to installed.
  • Long service life.


  • Material
    Mild steel, stainless steel.
  • Wire diameter
    4 mm.
  • Horizontal wire spacing
    12.7 mm.
  • Vertical wire spacing
    76.2 mm.
  • Height
    1800 mm, 2000 mm, 2100 mm, 2200 mm.
  • Panel width
    2400 mm, 2515 mm.
  • Tensile strength
    500–550 MPa.
  • Hole shape
  • Framework
    • Post: RHS post or H post.
    • Rail: Round rail or square rail.
    • Fittings: 40 × 6 mm flat bar clamp, galvanized M8 cup head bolts.
    • Surface treatment: PVC coating, galvanized, powder coating.
    • Matching security gates
      • Single leaf gate width: 1.2 m.
      • Double leaf gate width: 3.8 m.
  • Fence topping
    • Barbed wire: 3–6 strands of barbed wires attached to barbed wire arms to meet the security requirement.
  • Design number
    • 12-4-3-14R having 4-point barbs spaced 3" on center.
    • 12-4-5-14R having 4-point barbs spaced 5" on center.
  • Razor wire (thickness: 0.025")
    • 18/24 in. single coil helical.
    • 18/24/30/40/60 in. single coil concertina.
    • 24/30 in. double coil concertina.

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