Diamond Plate With Good Skid Resistance and Bright Appearance

A close up of five pattern diamond plate. Its color is sliver.

The application of the chequered plates makes our life safer and more wonderful.

Checker plate, also called tread plate, durbar floor plate, which usually use iron sheet, steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminium sheet as raw material. Featured by good skid resistance, strengthen performance and charming appearance, it is widely used in various fields. Such as industrial district, factories, residences, decoration trade, shipbuilding and public places, etc. Diamond plates produced by Walcoom is very popular with domestic and foreign markets since its standard tread depth, pattern rate. And we will reduce the difference in heights between various patterns as small as possible during the production process of combined pattern checker plate


  • Good skid resistance.
  • Good strengthen performance.
  • Anti-corrosion, bright appearance.
  • Dust proof, self-cleaning, weather resistance.
  • Various patterns and sizes.
  • Interlocking and easy to install.
  • Excellent durability, recyclable.


  • Name
    Diamond plate, checker plate, chequered plate, tread plate, durbar floor plate.
  • Type
    Diamond pattern checker plate, lentil pattern checker plate, round projection checker plate, combined pattern checker plate.
  • Pattern type
    Steel square pattern chequered plate with charming appearance.

    DP-01: Square pattern diamond plate

    Iron lentil pattern chequered plate with charming appearance.

    DP-02: Lentil pattern diamond plate

    Aluminium round projection diamond plate with charming appearance.

    DP-03: Round projection diamond plate

    Two-bar willow pattern chequered plate with charming appearance.

    DP-04: Two-bar willow pattern diamond plate

    Three-bar willow pattern chequered plate with charming appearance.

    DP-05: Three-bar willow pattern diamond plate

    Four-bar willow pattern chequered plate with charming appearance.

    DP-06: Four-bar willow pattern diamond plate.

    Five bars willow pattern chequered plate with charming appearance.

    DP-07: Five bars willow pattern diamond plate.

    Stainless steel needle pattern checker plate with charming appearance.

    DP-08: Needle pattern checker plate

    Diamond pattern checker plate with charming appearance.

    DP-09: Diamond pattern checker plate

  • Material
    Iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium.
  • Thickness
    1.4–16 mm.
  • Width
    600–2000 mm. upgrading by per 50 mm.
  • Length
    2000–16000 mm, upgrading by per 100 mm.
  • Pattern height
    ≥ 0.2 × thickness of base plate.
  • Process
    Hot rolling, embossing.
  • Surface treatment
  • Color
    Black, sliver, blue, etc.
  • Weight
  • Standard
    A786M, A793-96(2014), GB/T-3277-91, GB/T-4237-2015, GBT 3618-2006, GBT 33974-2017, etc.
  • Package
    Packed with encapsulation film, shipped by container, or according to your requirement.


  • Flooring plate.
  • Stairways.
  • Transportation equipment.
  • Decoration trade.
  • Shipbuilding.
  • Public places.
The floor of this room is paved with aluminium checkered plates.
This spiral stair is built with steel chequered plates.
The bed plate of this hopper car is made of steel chequered plate.
Decorative aluminium diamond plate used as backsplash.
This sports ground is protected by checker plate. There is no seam at the joint between the floor and the wall.
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