Steel Reinforcing Bar – High Tensile Strength and Bonding Capacity

A close up of stainless steel ribbed bars for engineering construction.

Walcoom specializes in providing various sizes and types of steel bar for highway, railway, high rise building, bridge and piers construction.

The application of steel reinforcing bar in masonry construction can be traced back dates to the 15th century. With high tensile strength and bonding capacity with concrete, steel bar has long been used as embedding reinforcement of concrete. That is, reinforced concrete as we know it. Steel as raw material, processed into different forms and sizes of steel reinforcing bars by different processes. They were applied to different parts of the building structures, to play the role of tensile, anti-pressure and reinforcement.


  • High tensile strength and compression strength.
  • Anti-corrosion, even salt water.
  • Good bonding capacity with concrete.
  • Good chemical stability, not subject to temperature change.
  • Various forms and sizes.
  • Excellent durability, recyclable.


  • Name
    Steel bar, steel rebar, concrete rebar, reinforcement bar, reinforcing bar, concrete reinforcing steel bar, steel reinforcement, steel bar reinforcement.
  • Type

    Cold-rolled rebar, hot-rolled rebar, cold drawn rebar, heat treated steel rebar.

    A lot of cold-rolled plain ground rebars with a blue marker.

    WR-01: Cold-rolled plain rebar

    Various sizes of cold-rolled crescent ribbed rebars.

    WR-02: Cold-rolled ribbed rebar

    Hot-rolled black ribbed rebars with various rebar sizes.

    WR-03: Hot-rolled ribbed rebar

    Neatly arranged cold drawn ribbed rebars.

    WR-04: Cold drawn rebar

    Heat treated steel rebar with various rebar sizes.

    WR-05: Heat treated steel rebar

  • Rebar shape
    • Plain rebar
    • Deformed rebar: Ribbed rebar, twisted rebar.
    A section of plain round rebar with smooth surface.

    RS-01: Plain round rebar

    A section of spiral ribbed rebar.

    RS-02: Ribbed steel rebar

    A section of cold-rolled and twisted rebar.

    RS-03: Cold-rolled and twisted rebar

  • Surfaces treatment

    Black rebar, epoxy coated rebar, galvanized rebar, stainless rebar.

    A bundle of bending black steel reinforcing bars.

    Black steel rebar

    Five steel bars with epoxy coated steel reinforcing bars.

    Epoxy coated rebar

    A close-up of galvanized steel reinforcing bras which are more resistant to corrosion.

    Galvanized rebar

    A close-up of stainless steel reinforcing bars with various sizes and shapes.

    Stainless steel rebar

  • Material
    Iron, steel, carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Steel type
    20MnSi, 20MnV, 25MnSi, BS20MnSi.
  • Diameter
    6–75 mm, recommend sizes are 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 mm, etc.
  • Length
    • Straight: 6–15 m.
    • U-shaped or rounded coils as standards.
  • Process
    Descaling, straightening, parting off, forming process.
  • Bending type
    Semicircle hook, straight hook, diagonal hook.
  • Standard
    ASTM A615, ASTM A706, GB1449, GBT 29733-2013, etc.
  • Delivery state
    Straight rebar or coiled rebar.
  • Package
    Packed in bulk or in bundle, shipped by container, or according to your requirement.


  • Building structure.
  • Highway and railway structure.
  • Tunnel structure.
  • Bridge structure.
  • Pier structure.
  • Rebar for reinforced concrete.
  • Rebar for prestressed reinforced concrete.
  • Rebar for slab and small beam reinforced concrete structures.
  • Reinforcing welded wire mesh.
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