Black Iron Wire Has Consistent Chromaticity, High Bearing Capacity

This is a coil of black iron wire.

Walcoom provides various black iron wires with consistent chromaticity for hanging and crafts.

Black iron wire is a common used wire in our life. Black iron wire is made of high quality iron or steel. So black iron wire with high strength can be used to hang some heavy things. And our products with high tensile and elongation strength are not easy to be broken when using it. Compared with galvanized wire, black iron wire has poor corrosion resistance. But it cost less. We have two kinds of black iron wires. One is hard drawn wire, another is soft annealed wire. We can control the hardness of black iron wire during the annealing process. You can choose suitable one depends on your use.


  • High bearing capacity.
  • High tensile strength and elongation strength.
  • Good elasticity, softness and flexibility.
  • Chromaticity consistent.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Various sizes to meet different needs.


  • Hard drawn wire
    • Material: Iron wire, steel wire.
    • Wire diameter: 0.8–4 mm.
    • Wire gauge: BWG 8# to 23#.
    • Tensile strength: 500–980 N/mm2.
  • Soft annealed wire
    • Material: Steel wire.
    • Wire gauge: BWG 16#, 18#, 19#, 20#, 22# are the most popular sizes.
    • Type: Black soft annealed wire, bright soft annealed wire.
    This is a coil of black soft annealed wires.

    Black soft annealed wire

    This is a coil of bright soft annealed wires.

    Bright soft annealed wire

  • Note
    Other specifications also can be customized.


Black iron wire can be used for:

This is a coil of black iron wires that is tied with black iron wire.
This is a grassland with black iron wire fence.
This is a craft that is made of black iron wires.
There are three baskets that are made of black iron wires.
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