Stainless Steel Wire Has Good Corrosion Resistance, Bright Surface

This is a coil of stainless steel wire.

Stainless steel wire with rust resistance and high bearing capacity can be used as filter screen.

Stainless steel wires are various types and specifications wires that are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel material make it not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali in the bad environment. And stainless steel wire with good temperature resistance can withstand the temperatures up to 1100 °C. Stainless steel wire has smaller diameter than PVC coated wire, but it still can withstand the great weight without broken. Stainless steel wire has bright and smooth surface. In addition, stainless steel wire with excellent softness can be made into binding wire, hanging wire, barbed wire, chain link fence, chicken wire, wire baskets, fan guards, window screen and so on.


  • Rust resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • High bearing capacity.
  • High elongation strength, high tensile strength.
  • Excellent softness.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Smooth and bright surface.


  • Material
    201, 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel wire.
  • Wire diameter
    0.020–2 mm.
  • Standard
    ASTM A555, ASTM A493-16, A581M.
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