Brass Wire Has Bright and Beautiful Surface, Corrosion Resistance

This is a coil of brass wire.

Walcoom provides beautiful brass wire with corrosion resistance is applied to decorate your house and garden.

Brass wire is made of brass that contains 65 percent of copper and 35 percent zinc. Our brass wire has bright and beautiful surface. And it doesn't fade. So it is a good material to make jewelry and crafts. And many people like using it to hang some lights and pictures to decorate house. Brass wire also has good corrosion and wear resistance. It can be used in construction and transport industry for binding. Just like copper wire, brass wire also has good electrical conductivity. It also can be used in power transmission line and power engineering, and making for window screen, and decorative mesh. We have various specifications of brass wires for customers to choose.


  • Corrosion resistance, wear resistance.
  • High tensile strength, high elongation strength.
  • High plasticity, can be made into different shapes products.
  • Electrical conductivity.
  • Shiny and beautiful surface.


  • Material
    Brass wire.
  • Surface treatment
    Plated brass.
  • Wire diameter
    0.15-2 mm. Other sizes can be customized.
  • The shape of the cross section
    Hexagonal, square or round.
  • Standard
    ASTM B134, ASTM B974.


This is a coil of brass wire tied with brass wire.
This is a roll of brass wire mesh woven by brass wire.
This is a roll of filter screen that is made of brass wire.
This is a wheel brush with brass wire hairs.
This is a wooden brush with brass wire hairs.
This is a basket that is made of brass wires.
A glass bottle with the candle is hung up by brass wire.
This is a bracelet that is made of brass wire.
There are many clips that are made of brass wire.
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