Metal Bicycle Basket - Light Weight but Quite Durable

Small mesh hole bicycle basket with a metal handle and fixture.

Bicycle basket is design to hold various things, such as flower, vegetable, fruit, goods, etc.

Bicycle basket is invented to satisfy the needs of people which can replace people to carry items so that convenient for people to biking. Now, the design of bicycle basket is both force on the functionality and aesthetic. Therefore, the shape of bike basket includes square, rectangle, semicircle, irregular shape and so on. The color can be black, pink, red, green, etc.

Metal bicycle basket is more durable and firm than wood basket, and it also light-weight and large capacity.


  • Large capacity.
  • Easy to install.
  • Firm.
  • Multi-shape.
  • Multi-color.


  • Material
  • Surface treatment
    Galvanized, powder coated.
  • Color
    Black, green, blue, silver, brown, red, etc.
  • Accessories

    Handle, lid, fixture, hook, etc.

    Black small mesh hole bicycle basket with two hooks and a handle.

    Bicycle basket with hooks and handle

    Unevenly mesh hole bicycle basket with hooks.

    Large mesh hole bicycle basket

    Black fine mesh bicycle basket with a handle.

    Fine mesh hole bicycle basket

    Unevenly mesh hole size bicycle basket with lid.

    Bicycle basket with lid

    Green bicycle basket, half is small mesh hole, half is fine mesh wire.

    Unevenly mesh hole bicycle basket

    Small bicycle basket with two hooks and to supporting metal bars.

    Bicycle basket with hooks and supports


  • Folding bike.
  • Mini bike.
  • Mountain bike.
  • Common bicycle.
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