Kitchen utensil basket gains multi-function and beautiful appearance

Irregular shape kitchen utensil basket.

Kitchen utensil basket make your kitchen more neat and beautiful.

Kitchen utensil basket is an essential tool in our daily life. Using kitchen utensil basket will make our room much neat and comfortable. Kitchen utensil basket is generally divided into five types: fruit tray, dish rack, vine rack, stuff storage basket, drawer basket. These products are made of stainless steel or iron or carbon steel wire, coated with zinc, tin, chrome and plastic.

Fruit tray with absolutely stylish appearance, able for contain various kinds of fruit.

Dish rack and drawer basket can be considered as plates, cans, vegetable container.

Stuff storage can hold anything that save space.


  • Able to contain many kinds of stuffs.
  • Proper bearing capacity.
  • Smooth surface that not hurt your hands.
  • Ideal for air-dry dishes.
  • Stable.
  • Beauty in appearance.


  • Material
    Stainless steel wire, iron wire, low carbon steel wire.
  • Surface treatment
    Coated with zinc, tin, chrome, plastic, electro-polished.
  • Color
    Black, silver, brown, etc.
  • Shape

    Rectangle, square, irregular shape, etc.

    Spiral shape round fruit basket.

    Cool conical fruit basket

    Tilted semicircle fruit basket.

    Kitchen fruit basket

    Irregular stainless steel dish rack.

    Kitchen dish rack

    Boat-shape kitchen fruit basket.

    Electro-polished kitchen fruit basket

    Brown color, diamond mesh kitchen basket.

    Vegetable storage kitchen basket

    Black metal vine rack able for contains three bottles of vine.

    Vine rack able to hold three bottles of vine


  • Fruit tray.
  • Vegetable basket.
  • Rinse basket.
  • Bowl, cup, teapot container.
  • Spoons & forks container.
  • Dish rack.
  • Vine rack.
  • Kitchen drawer basket.
This kitchen basket contains plastic and metal spoons.
Semicircle shape fruit tray with a hook, the tray contains various fruits and the hook hanging a bunch of bananas.
Set of china bowls and utensils lay on the kitchen basket.
Black spiral rack embraces a few bottles of vine.
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