Surgical Instrument Basket - Fine Mesh and Proper Inner Space

Surgical instrument tray without lid, and its mesh hole is square.

Surgical instrument basket is anti-corrosion & wear-resistance, for sterilizing and washing tools.

Surgical instrument tray, as the name implies, is design for washing and sterilizing surgical instruments. Surgical instrument tray is made from 100% high tensile strength electro-polished stainless steel, with the feature of corrosion resistance, wear-resistance, non-toxic, eco-friendly, etc. The types of surgical instrument bellow, surgical instrument either with lid and handles or not.


  • Protect edge design.
  • Superb resistance against acids, alkali and other chemical liquids.
  • Stackable structure saves larger space.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Wear-resistant.
  • Non-toxic.


  • Material
    302, 304, 316, 316L stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment
  • Fabrication procedure
    Woven, welded, perforated.
  • Wire diameter
    1–8 mm.
  • Hole size
    • Micro mesh size: 2 mm gap between each wire.
    • Small mesh size: 4 mm gap between each wire.
    • Standard mesh size: 6 mm gap between each wire.
  • Type
    Perforated plate tray used for surgical instrument tray.

    Surgical instrument tray with handles

    Square mesh hole surgical instrument tray without lib and handles.

    Surgical instrument tray without handle

    Rectangle instrument tray with two handles.

    Rectangle surgical instrument tray with handles

    Multi-compartment surgical instrument tray with lid.

    Multi-compartment surgical instrument tray

    Surgical instrument tray with a removable lib.

    Surgical instrument tray with removable lib

    Two surgical instrument tray with lib.

    Surgical instrument tray with lib

  • Packing
    Packed in poly bags and cartons.


  • Hospital.
  • Labs.
  • Chemical.
  • Factories.
  • Military camp.
Perforated plate surgical instrument tray contains a great amount of surgical tools.
Surgical knifes in surgical instrument for washing.
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