Chain Link Railing is Attractive & Strength Enough for Bridges

A sidewalk with green chain link railing.

Silence stylish bridge

It can be seen from the picture, there is a footbridge with new chain link railing next to a masonry arch span. The arch span which no longer carries trains has become an tourist attraction. To give a strong protection for pedestrians, the footbridge infilled with sufficient strength chain link railing which coated with green vinyl. Protective coating enables chain link railing lasts for many years.

A bridge with strong chain link railing protection above a river.

Suburban chain link bridge

Currently, chain ink railing is commonly used as bridge railing. Compare to wooden railing, concrete railing and other metal railing, chain link railing is easy to transport and install, what's more, its porous allows for LED lights hang on. To give a beautiful sense of bridge, chain link railing can be designed with novel appearance. Chain link railing allows air flow and sunlight comes in.

A pedestrian passage in the air cross highways.

Chain link bridge under the twilight

This is a passage bridge suspended over the highways, and its bridge railing totally consist of thick high strength chain link wire mesh to prevent people from falling down. The chain link fence for bridge not only give people a good protection but also a enjoyment of twilight scenery in the evening.

A pedestrian passage with three aspect of chain link fence cross over highway.

Aerial pedestrian passage

Pedestrian passage in the air with arch chain link fence roof at the top. It is easy to know that chain link fence is designed to prevent people from falling off the bridge when people walk over highways. Unlike traditional wood bridge railing, chain link railing is light weight that convenient to transport and move.

A bridge is consist of red steel grating walking deck and blue chain link railing.

Overwater chain link fence passage

As you can see from the picture above, a overwater footbridge crosses over a large scale area waters. The footbridge is made of steel grating at the bottom pathway and the roof is blue coating chain link fence. Chain link bridge railing is very bright and eye-catching. People can view the scenery through chain link fence. Additionally, you don't not need to worry that accidentally fall into water.

A aerial pedestrian passage with concrete ground and strong sturdy chain link railing and roof.

Aerial passage with chain link arched roof

Chain link railing serve as its good protection property for passage bridge. Chain link railing combine with arch round tubes ensure its stable performance. The maintenance of chain link railing coated with zinc or vinyl or other protection spray. Chain link railing is suitable for every place for example above highways, beside highways, above waters and overpass.

A passenger passage with very strength and durable chain link bridge railing in geometrical shape cross over roads.

Geometrical chain link railing

The bridge railing is made of high strength chain link fence that more utilitarian and keep pedestrians and riders' safe. Apart from the high protection property, the chain link bridge railing is very modern and novel that beautifully meet with city geometric architectural style. Chain link protection railing will apply to many aspects of use.

A pedestrian passage with three sides chain link mesh next to the highway.

Safety pedestrian passage

For pedestrians' safe consideration, a narrow passage next to the highway is necessary. The pedestrian passage pathway is made of high strength and sturdy steel grating, and the roof consist of chain link fence. Since the chain link fence set up, people not need to afraid of speeding vehicles. The chain link fence is also strong and stable that last for many years.


  • Anti-corrosion and aging.
  • Solid and durable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Very stability.
  • Fit to various places.
  • Available in various colors.


  • Material
  • Surface treatment
    Galvanized, vinyl coating, PVC coating, powder coating.
  • Color
    Silver, green, black, etc.
  • Height
    More than 1 meter.
  • Gauge
    9 gauge, 11 gauge.
  • Selvedge


More application about chain link fence see the list page

More Suggestion

Stainless steel woven wire mesh as bridge railing.

Woven wire mesh bridge railing

A bridge with high strength stainless steel rope mesh railing that cross over a lake.

Stainless steel rope mesh as bridge railing

A footbridge protection railing is made of steel grating.

Steel grating bridge railing protection

An aerial bridge with perforated metal mesh sun facade railing.

Perforated metal mesh bridge railing

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