Tennis Court Chain Link Fence – Anti-Impact & Corrosion Resistant

Chain link fence also called diamond fence, chain wire fence, hurricane fence, is a versatile product widely used in many places as protective enclosure. For tennis court and ball parks, the popularity of chain link fence height is 10 ft and the length based on the actual needs.

Chain link fence both can be tennis court protective enclosure and tennis court swing gate. There are some purposes of chain link fence when used as tennis court enclosure. First, tennis court chain link fence treated with vinyl coating, PVC coating, zinc plating so good in corrosion resistant and anti-aging. Second, Tennis court chain link fence is high enough to keep balls within court, therefore, tennis court chain link fence avoid people outside the field or in the bleacher from being hurt by fast-flying ball, also reduce the loss of ball.

Walcoom take account of the purposes and actual needs of tennis court chain link fence, providing purchasers 10 ft high chain link fence, length is based on the size of court. In other word, Walcoom provides buyers tennis court chain link fence based on the needs of purchasers.


  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • High anti-impact.
  • Keep ball within the court.
  • Protect audience from ball-hit.
  • Lager-diameter available.


  • Material
    Steel wire.
  • Height
    10', 12'.
  • Mesh opening
  • Wire gauge
    9 gauge, 11 gauge.
  • Surface treatment
    Hot-dip galvanization, vinyl-coating, zinc/aluminum-alloy coating, PVC coating.
  • Color
    Green, black, silver, etc.
  • Standard
    AS 1725.
  • Selvage
  • Gate
    Swing gate.
  • Fittings
    Tension bands, brace bands, line post caps, post caps, rail end, tie wire.
  • Tennis court fence gates
    • Size of core wire: 0.120" or 0.148".
    • Size of fabric mesh: 13/4".
  • Gate fabric and frame coating as specified for chain link fence.
  • The base materials of the gate frame
    Round or rectangular tubular members, welded at all corners or assembled with corner fittings.
  • Gate opening width
    No less than 3'.
  • Gate height
    Single walk gates is 7' high with a transom panel above the gate extending to full height of the fence.
  • Gate hinges
    Gates have hinges to provide a full 180° swing from the closed to the open position.
  • Gate latch
    Has provision for secure locking with a padlock. Gate latch has a built-in provision to permit the gate to open outward only.


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