Special Galvanized Steel Fence – Multiple Artistic Style, Strong Enough

A close-up picture of special hot-dip galvanized steel picket fence with “U” tube and spear point.

Walcoom provide various special styles of galvanized steel fence, or according to the drawings for your exclusive customization.

Special garrison fence still use hot-dip galvanized steel strip as basic material. But as people's aesthetic requirements get higher and higher, customers are demanding that galvanized steel fence have a variety of styles while maintaining high defensive performance.

Walcoom consider this to be an inevitable trend. Different styles can be selected according to the regional environment, and personality can be displayed. Finished products with simple and elegant lines, exquisite style, steady and generous. Some revealed ancient Roman art, some exudes South American Maya classic verve. External decoration is integrated with inner charm.

Walcoom galvanized steel fence not only has the above pleasing appearance, it is also anti-corrosive, anti-rust and anti-theft. These features enable it to adapt to a variety of climatic conditions. Whether it's the hot south, the coastal salt erosion, or the cold north, the edge of desertification.


  • Four layers of anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Anti-oxidation and weather resistance.
  • Style Diversification, yet good deterrent effect.
  • Good impact resistance, anti-climbing.
  • No cracking, no embrittlement.
  • Non-welding, assembly design.
  • Quick and easy installation.


  • Name
    Garrison fence, steel picket fence, garrison tubular steel fence, galvanized steel tubular fence, tubular security fence, ornamental fence, special garrison fence.
  • Material
    Hot-dip galvanized steel strip.
  • Rails
    32 × 32, 40 × 40, 45 × 45, 50 × 50, 38 × 38 mm, etc.
  • Rail thickness
    0.8–2.0 mm.
  • Vertical picket
    • Square tube: 16 × 16, 19 × 19, 25 × 25 mm, etc.
    • Round tube: 22 × 22 mm.
    • Oval tube: 12 × 25 mm.
  • Vertical picket thickness
    0.8–1.5 mm.
  • Picket center
    80, 98, 110 mm.
  • Post
    50 × 50, 60 × 60, 75 × 75, 80 × 80 mm, etc.
  • Post thickness
    1.5–2.0 mm.
  • Hot-dip process
    • Galvanized after forming

      • Zinc coating: ≥ 92 g/m2.
      • Thermo setting coating containing zinc (interior surface): ≥ 0.3 mils.
      • Coverage rate of polymeric coating: ≥ 95%.
    • Galvanized prior to forming

      • Zinc coating for industrial applications: ≥ 276 g/m2.
      • Zinc coating for commercial and residential applications: ≥ 184 g/m2.
      • Polyester/epoxy and polyester combinations coating: ≥ 0.3 mils.
      • Polyolefin elastomer coating: ≥ 7 mils.
      • PVC coating: ≥ 10 mils.
  • Yield strength
    ≥ 310 MPa.
  • Connection type
    Plug-in assembly.
  • Color
    Green, gray, blue, yellow, white, black, any color available according to customer's requirement.
  • Package
    Standard pallet with packaged into thin film, bubble film for unit inside, woven bag for unit outside, or according to your requirements.


  • Gate fencing
  • Residential allotment fencing.
  • Lawn fencing.
  • Garden & park fencing.
  • Factory & hotel fencing.
  • Park & pool fencing.
  • Municipal administration fencing.
  • Roadside greenbelt fencing.
Special galvanized steel tubular fence with circular arc style spear top installed by the side of roadside greenbelt.
Special galvanized steel tubular fence with circular arc style flat top installed as factory gate.
Special galvanized steel tubular fence with high and low spear picket installed for landscape protection.
Special galvanized steel tubular fence with artistic spear picket and decorative rings.
Special galvanized steel tubular fence with Euro style spear picket installed by the side of the basketball court.
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