A close-up picture of garrison galvanized steel fence made of purplish red rails and white spear pickets. There are decorative ring in the pickets spacing.

Galvanized steel fence with decorative rings.

Anti-corrosion and simple installation of galvanized steel fencing makes it the new favorite in guardrail products. However, the quality of garrison steel fence on the market is uneven. So, it is very important to master the most basic identification precautions.

  • Check whether the surface of galvanized steel fence is smooth. Generally speaking the surface is very smooth belongs to the high quality garrison fence. And the inferior galvanized steel fence surface is rough even rugged. The reason for this inferior products mainly raw materials themselves are not uniform, impurities. Or factory equipment and production processes are defective, resulting easy to stick steel and leave scar in production process of garrison fence.
  • Check to see whether the galvanized steel fence has broken line. The surface of a high quality garrison fence should have a regular texture. If not, it means that the merchant in the process of the garrison fence production in order to pursue quantity and neglect the quality. The strength of the steel is greatly reduced.
  • Check whether there are cracks in the surface of galvanized steel fence. Noted, there are four layers of anti-corrosion treatment for quality garrison fence, it is never rust or crack.
  • Check whether the section of galvanized steel fence is smooth. In general, we can learn the production ability of the garrison fence manufacturer from its section. Walcoom always remember that detail is the key to success. This is whether the producer pays attention to the embodiment of strict quality control.
  • Check the metallic sheen on the surface of galvanized steel fence. The high quality garrison fence surface should with a very extremely metallic feeling and bright color. If the producer use hot galvanized steel coils as the raw material and electrostatic spraying surface treatment. These are completely achievable.