A close-up picture of assembled garrison galvanized steel fence panel.

Galvanized steel fence panels with green and white color.

The base material of quality galvanized steel fence should has following six layers:

  • Base steel, hardness value is 159 DPN.
  • Zeta layer, a layer of dense alloy near the substrate. The structure is complex and have strong corrosion resistance. With FeZn7 and FeZn13, the hardness value was 211 DPN, and the Fe content was 7%–11%.
  • Delta layer, significant monoclinic columnar tissue, Fe content is 6%, it is non-toxic and corrosion resistant, the hardness value was 179 DPN.
  • Eta layer, dense hexagonal crystal system. Deformation processing is not easy to crack, Zinc purity is 98.5%, the hardness value was 70 DPN.
  • High zinc phosphating layer, it is high corrosion resistant and strengthen the adhesion of film and substrate.
  • AkzoNobel high temperature curing layer, with excellent corrosion resistance and impact resistance, it is also anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation and good surface self-cleaning properties. The color change rate of 15 years is not more than 5%.