Aluminium Perforated Metal Ceiling – Good Ornamental Effect & Durable

This is an office building made of perforated ceilings.


The use of decorative perforated metal for office ceilings has a very good soundproofing effect, the staff avoids noise interference, and has good ventilation effects. An orderly matrix of round holes especially suit to the comfortable and natty office environment.

Interior design uses perforated mesh as ceiling.


Designers use a perforated mesh to make the ceiling very attractive. Aluminium punching nets are not only easy to install but also provide an artistic atmosphere in the interior. This is a good choice for shopping malls that require aesthetic appeal.

This is a ceiling made of round hole perforated metal.


Well know "light grain" house come from Japan. The well designed building perfect balance natural light and ventilation and the need for privacy. When sunlight shines into the house from the steel perforated metal roof, a beautiful aperture is formed on the ground and walls.

Hotel-entrance decorated with golden perforated ceiling.


This is a ornamental idea for hotel-entrance corridor ceiling. Square matrices ceiling made of gilded copper perforated metal sheet. LED lighting through the square punching holes display the effect of luxurious and seamlessly blends with its surroundings.

The exhibition hall is decorated with perforated ceilings.


A decorated exhibition hall uses perforated ceilings for decoration to make the whole building more layered. Lights shine on the ceiling and reflect light around them to give visitors a bright feeling.

This is an office that uses a square punching net for ceilings.


The use of perforated metal as a ceiling not only decorates the building to give it a unique aesthetic sense, but also makes the office brighter and employees have a comfortable working environment.

Square hole ceiling used inside an office.


Perforated metal ceilings have decorative features that give a visual experience. In addition, the effect of sound absorption and noise reduction is also very good, which is a common choice for many designers.

This is a restaurant with a perforated ceiling.


The restaurant uses a perforated ceiling to set off the interior of the restaurant to be brighter. People who eat in there can have a good mood. And the perforated ceiling is easy to clean, which is a good choice for restaurants that are in need of hygiene.


  • Good wear resistance and pressure resistance.
  • High intensity and light weight.
  • Elegant and elegant appearance.
  • Has good silencing and sound absorption.
  • Easy to install and clean.


  • Material
    Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, alloys, copper, brass.
  • Thickness
    0.6–4 mm.
  • Hole pattern
    Round, oval, square, rectangle, plum blossom, diamond, heart-shaped or customized.
  • Surface treatment
    PVC coated, galvanized, powder coated, anodized, painted, polishing.
  • Color
    White, silver, golden or customized.
  • Perforated metal type
    This is round hole pattern perforated metal.

    PCT-01: Round hole Perforated metal

    This is honeycomb hole pattern perforated metal.

    PCT-02: Honeycomb perforated metal

    This is slotted hole pattern perforated metal.

    PCT-03: Oblong hole perforated metal

    This is cross shaped hole pattern perforated metal.

    PCT-04: Cross shaped hole perforated metal


More application about perforated metal see the list page

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