Perforated Metal for Building Facade – Long Lasting and Artistic

A building with perforated metal to make a exterior.


As you have seen, this is a architectural perforated metal facade design with graphic pattern. Countless round holes are arranged into a big tree pattern. It gives the princely building added dynamic. Besides, you can enjoy a view looking up through a canopy of trees, even you are in the interior.

Perforated metal with flower shaped mesh opening for building facade.


Decorative perforated metal was proud of its excellent corrosion resistance and environment adaptability, which make it so popular as building exterior facade. Look closely and you'll see that the petals of this blooming flower facade is arranged by smaller round holes, and the bigger round holes in non-printing area. This is a very clever way of forming a perfect flower painting.

Perforated metal with rectangle shaped mesh opening for building facade.


Designer's imagination about perforated metal facade is becoming more and more colorful. They prefer geometric shapes, it looks complicated but there are rules to follow. The slender rectangular array also gives the building added imposing and fashionable feeling.

White folding perforated metal outsourcing.


The white aluminum porous plate covers the building, reducing the noise in the room. The architect's design folds resemble a fan-shaped fold. This folding design makes the prosaic little holes present a good stereoscopic effect.It is both environmentally friendly and beautiful, making it more attractive and innovative.

Perforated metal building facade are both beautiful and shade.


The milky white exterior wall and emerald green leaf collocation gives a kind of pure and fresh feeling together. Designers added perforated metal materials to the design, which acted as a shade and made the building more artistic. It is a simple and elegant design for your exterior ornamental work.

3D effect buildings outsourced by perforated metal.


The building creates a well-designed undulating surface to achieve the free area needed for passive natural ventilation. The perforation in the hyperbolic parabolic panel is therefore both beautiful and practical. Perforated metal facade cladding with smooth surface was easy to install and almost no maintenance is required.

The outside of the floor-to-ceiling window is installed with large logo made of expanded metal.


Have to admit, it is a excellent design for exterior facade. Not just decorative architectural facade, you will find that it have been designed into letter graphics of “Royals” logo. When get close to this big French window, you will staying in warm but not dazzling sunlight. When turn around, you will see sunlight through the perforated metal facade fashioned a lovely shadow. In short, this perforated system provides daylight, air circulation, and visual excitement for people.

Building wall made of perforated metal with different sizes of round holes.


This is a geometric design inspiration of decorative perforated metal for building facade cladding. The combination of a square hole and a round hole creates a visual impact, while reducing glare in the room and providing privacy for people in the building. The punching net is also a designer's more generous design space. Fully covered perforated facade wall does not hinder the position of the window. Instead, it is simple and generous


  • Multiple types of custom hole sizes and shapes.
  • Each panel can be individually adjusted and disassembled.
  • Perforated metal can be completely recycled.
  • After a comprehensive test, in line with ISO standards.
  • Reduce external damage to buildings.


Table 1: Specifications of Decorative Perforated Metal
Code Hole size (diameter) Hole center Hole type Open area
PF-1 0.02" 0.043" 45° staggered 20%
PF-2 0.023" 0.042" Straight 22%
PF-3 0.027" 0.05" Straight 23%
PF-4 1/32" 1/6" 45° staggered 23%
PF-5 0.033" 0.055" Straight 28%
PF-6 0.045" 0.066" Straight 36%
PF-7 0.045" 5/64" 45° staggered 32%
PF-8 0.05" 0.083" Straight 29%
PF-9 3/64" 3/32" 60° staggered 23%
PF-10 1/16" 3/32" 60° staggered 41%
PF-11 1/16" 7/64" 60° staggered 27%
PF-12 1/16" 1/8" 60° staggered 23%
PF-13 5/64" 1/8" 60° staggered 36%
PF-14 3/32" 5/32" 60° staggered 33%
PF-15 3/32" 3/16" 60° staggered 23%
PF-16 0.117" 5/32" 60° staggered 51%
PF-17 1/8" 3/16" 60° staggered 40%
PF-18 1/8" 7/32" 60° staggered 30%
PF-19 1/8" 1/4" 60° staggered 23%
PF-20 9/64" 3/16" 60° staggered 51%
PF-21 5/32" 3/16" 60° staggered 63%
PF-22 5/32" 1/4" 60° staggered 34%
PF-23 3/16" 7/32" 60° staggered 67%
PF-24 3/16" 1/4" 60° staggered 50%
PF-25 3/16" 5/16" 60° staggered 32%
PF-26 3/16" 3/8" 60° staggered 23%
PF-27 3/16" 1/2" Straight 10%
PF-28 1/4" 5/16" 60° staggered 58%
PF-29 1/4" 3/8" 60° staggered 42%
PF-30 1/4" 3/8" Straight 34%
PF-31 1/4" 1/2" 60° staggered 23%
PF-32 1/4" 1/2" Straight 20%
PF-33 5/16" 7/16" 60° staggered 46%
PF-34 3/8" 1/2" 60° staggered 52%
PF-35 3/8" 9/16" 60° staggered 40%
PF-36 3/4" 1" 60° staggered 51%
PF-37 1/2" 11/16" 60° staggered 49%
PF-38 5/8" 7/8" 60° staggered 46%
PF-39 1" 1-3/8" 60° staggered 48%
Note: These are the specifications of the round hole perforated metal, other hole types can be customized, and can be designed according to actual needs.
  • Perforated metal type
    This is round hole pattern perforated metal.

    PFT-01: perforated metal with round hole

    This is honeycomb hole pattern perforated metal.

    PFT-02: Honeycomb perforated metal

    This is slotted hole pattern perforated metal.

    PFT-03: Perforated metal with slotted hole

    This is cross hole pattern perforated metal.

    PFT-04: Cross shaped hole perforated metal


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