Ring Mesh Ceiling Gives People a Feeling of Beautiful and Pleasant

Ring mesh ceiling hung beneath a light, offering access for the lightning pass.


Ring mesh ceiling for using in residential houses, typical type is square or rectangle. Because square or rectangle shape is easy to mounted beneath the main structural ceiling. When you need to repair or inspect the ductwork systems or other systems, square or rectangle ring mesh panel can be remove easily, therefore, utmost save your time.

Ring mesh square panels as ceiling hung below the main concrete ceiling.


Ring mesh ceiling is a type of decorative wire mesh, made of stainless steel. A high ring mesh ceiling gives a feeling of airness and spaciness. Ring mesh ceiling has a advantage that it can be installed beneath or above lamps and fire sprinklers. Even it mounted under the fire sprinklers, its natural anti-rust property ensures its smooth and bright surface.

A umbrella is composed of ring mesh, upside down on wood pillar.


Ring mesh ceiling is made into a unique design umbrella, hung upside down. The ring mesh umbrella is not designed to protect you from rains, it is aim to decorative your ceiling. You can use it hung below your main structural ceiling. It is both durable and versatile for using any places if you want.

A ring mesh is support by some posts in an open air environment.


Ring mesh ceiling mounted in a open-air environment. The ring mesh is light-weight and easy to installed and remove. Hence, it is able to installed in any places as you wish. The advantage of ring mesh in open-air environment reduces the harsh sunlight. In this way, the ceiling can protect people from the harsh sunlight.

Stainless steel ring mesh mounted on uneven ceiling, presenting a feeling of pleasing.


Ring mesh ceiling shapes and color usually varying with the environment. Bright-coloured ring mesh typically designed for hotels and entertainment venues. Bright-colour ceiling ring mesh ceiling makes the internal environment more beautiful and attractive, thus greatly attract more people to visit those entertainment venues.

Wavy ring mesh around some lamps overhead.


Ring mesh ceilings as well as wavy belt enclose some LED lamps. The design is a cost-effective way to add beauty value to interior spaces. Each ring mesh ceiling was installed around light, creates an elegant and comfortable internal environment for people. This type is very suit to restaurant ceiling decoration.

Purple ring mesh as a large scale area secondary ceiling.


Ring mesh was made into very unique and novel ceiling for a pub. The super thin ring mesh is made of stainless steel. It is similar to sea wave hung below the main ceiling. Showing a romantic purple color under the influence of light. Certain if you want another color, just change the color of light.


  • Makes your building more attractive.
  • Diversity colors.
  • Stable and not deformation.
  • Moisture and rust resistance.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Durability and environmental friendly


  • Material
    Stainless steel, brass, copper, low carbon, bronze
  • Inner diameter
    10–50 mm.
  • Outer diameter
    7–44 mm.
  • Ring diameter
    7 mm, 12 mm.
  • Ring numbers
    35000 rings/m2, 14200 rings/m2, 135000 rings/m2.
  • Weight
    2.49 kg/m2, 3.45 kg/m2.
  • Tensile strength
    15 KN/m, 23 KN/m.
  • Color
    Gold, yellow, green, purple, green, silver, blue, etc.
  • Package
    Each type packed in wooden case separately.


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