Cable Mesh Ceiling with Fashion & Stylish Design Decorate Your Building

Wave shaped cable mesh hung upper the limits of a room.


Cable meshes as small scale area ceiling hung upper the entrance of a room. The cable mesh ceiling with a simple design but also giving a pleasant feeling of the indoor environment. This type of cable mesh is one of the most popular ceilings. In addition to ceiling, cable mesh are also a popular used as curtain in our daily life.

Thin cable mesh is fixed on structural frame acting as ceiling of a room.


The cable mesh ceiling is very thin and light-weight below the main concrete ceiling. In contemporary architectures, ceiling were created for aesthetic purpose. Because cable ceiling can hide all system which installed on the main concrete ceiling. Cable mesh ceilings now are mainly used in station lounge, railway station, office building, shopping malls and so on.

A dropped ceiling is composed of a certain number of square cable mesh panels.


Cable mesh ceiling offers adequate plenum space for ventilation systems. Indoor environment usually requires ventilation, illumination, thermal control and acoustic control. Cable mesh ceiling allows all the installation of these device. Simple structure ceiling gives a feeling of airness and spaciousness.

Cable mesh ceiling were built to hide wiring, ductwork and fire sprinklers.


Cable mesh is generally made from stainless steel or brass. It's cross bar is round solid bar, while the vertical cable is woven by several fine mesh strands. Thus cable meshes allow to roll up when you want or repair ductwork or other devices. The benefit to cable mesh offer access for light and water to pass though.

Thin but durable cable mesh can be adjustable to accommodate any angle.


Cable mesh is a kind of decorative wire mesh which similar to conveyor belt. The cable mesh has superior flexibility so that attach to any uneven concrete ceiling. A thin cable mesh ceiling gives people a feeling of elegant and pleasant. Except for using as indoor ceiling, it can be curtain for residential buildings and commercial buildings.

Wave shaped cable mesh ceiling for a small scale area use.


This slight yellow thin cable mesh as a secondary dropped ceiling hung under the main ceiling. It were made into a weave-shaped decorative ceiling. Considering into long term use, cable mesh is made from stainless steel, able to resistant to rust. Cable mesh ceilings are durable and fashionable in contemporary architectures.

Dropped cable mesh ceiling is the secondary ceiling of a station lounge.


Cable mesh ceiling is prevailing ceiling in station buildings. The great advantage of cable mesh ceiling is to hide pipes, wires, air conditioners, fire sprinklers and so on. Because of it is made of stainless steel, with good anti-rust features, if water from fire sprinklers ran through the ceiling many times, it still keep bright and smooth appearance.

A building's secondary ceiling is composed of a number of cable meshes, easy remove when repairing and inspecting.


Stainless steel cable meshes were attached to the metallic structural frame. Cable meshes are attach to square metallic frame when being used as ceiling, in this way, greatly simplified removing process when repair and inspections. Cable mesh ceiling has been used popular used in station lounge. Creates a sense of geometric space.


  • Perfect conceal wiring, ductwork and fire sprinklers.
  • Easy to remove when repairing and inspecting.
  • Makes your indoor environment more beautiful.
  • Suitable for small or large scale area use.
  • Recyclable and reusable.
  • Popular use in modern buildings.


  • Material
    Stainless steel wire AISI 316L, 304L, brass wire.
  • Open area
  • Cable diameter
    3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm.
  • Rod diameter
    2 mm, 3 mm.
  • Cable pitch
    36 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm.
  • Rod pitch
    5 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm.
  • Width
    4000 mm.
  • Thickness
    8. mm.
  • Weight
    2.58 kg/m2, 5.8 kg/m2.
  • Color
    Silver, gold.
  • Package
    Cable mesh usually rolled into roll, packed in waterproof case for transportation.


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