Expanded Mesh Sheet As Indoor Suspended Ceiling for Various Buildings

Expanded metal sheets as indoor ceiling.


Expanded metal now is frequently used in modern residential or commercial construction. It is more stronger than the equivalent weight of wire mesh. From the perspective of its structure, expanded metal ceiling allow flow through of air and light. In the aspect of operation, expanded metal ceiling consists of sheet so that convenient to remove the sheet when you need to repair the wiring.

Strong and durable expanded metal ceiling.


Expanded metal ceiling suitable for a large scale of ceiling construction. Here, expanded metal sheets serve as suspended ceiling for protruding eave. In this way can make the building more concise and comfortable. Additionally, in modern architecture, expanded metal has been used building exterior facade or screen.

Expanded metal ceiling hanging with some LED lights.


Expanded metal ceiling on the exterior surface of the concrete ceiling of a office. The expanded metal can be of stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminum, and also some lavish materials like brass, copper, titanium, platinum. Walcoom provides buyers' expanded metal ceiling with different material based on the buyers' requirements.

A building's ceiling consists of expanded metal sheets.


Expanded metal ceiling sheet is suspended from structural elements above. The expanded metal sheets jointed one by one on the overhead, allowing adding extra metallic framework nearby. This expanded metal ceiling is able to conceal ductwork, wiring, fire sprinkler and so on. For long-term use, the surface commonly coated with zinc, powder, film, etc.

The ceiling is covered by suspended expanded ceiling.


Expanded metal sheet as office ceiling. It can be seen from the picture, expanded metal ceiling is allow for the installation of pendant lamps and also other decorative objects. By comparing expanded metal ceiling and ceiling tiles, expanded metal ceiling is easy to remove when repair the inner wire without breaking other sheet.

Brass expanded metal mesh ceiling.


This expanded metal ceiling is made of brass so that it is golden. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with the features of excellent wear resistance. When expanded metal sheet used as ceiling, wring and light installed behind the ceiling also can pass through opening ceiling. Another advantage of expanded metal ceiling is that the easily remove offer access to plenum, pipe, utmost simplified repair.

A roof of railway station consists of expanded metal panels.


This expanded metal ceiling uses overhead of a railway station. Expanded metal has been increasingly used as station secondary ceiling due to its simple and elegant function. Typically, the expanded metal panels are square or rectangle shape, so that simplify installation and removal procedure when repair or inspection is required. It is a strong and durable ceiling that quite suitable for long-term use.

Brass expanded metal ceiling covers the concrete ceiling.


Brass expanded metal can be a unique, rich, lasting color ceiling in contemporary buildings. This expanded metal ceiling has great attraction for people. Thus the brass expanded metal ceiling should be used in some building where many people come and go. For example, hallway, office buildings, entertainment venue and soon.>


  • Stronger than an equivalent weight of wire mesh.
  • Resistant to corrosion, rust.
  • Allow flow through of light, air, water.
  • Multiple color and shapes.
  • Long service life.
  • Widely uses.


  • Material
    Mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, (lavish material) brass wire, copper wire, titanium wire, platinum wire.
  • Type
    Raised expanded metal, flattened expanded metal, micro expanded metal.
  • Opening shape
    Diamond, square, circle.
  • Opening diameter
    0.8–10 mm.
  • Long way of mesh
    12.5–200 mm.
  • Short way of mesh
    5–80 mm.
  • Length
    600–4000 mm.
  • Width
    600–2000 mm.
  • Thickness
    0.5–8 mm.
  • Technique
    Cold rolled.
  • Surface treatment
    RAL coating, galvanized, film coated, powder coating.
  • Color
    Silver, gold, white, etc.
  • Standard
  • Package
    Expanded sheets are packed in waterproof cloth or wooden case for transportation.


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