Wire Rope Woven Mesh Facade Is Strong & Flexible Product for Buildings

A building's external wall is woven mesh metal facade.


This wire rope woven mesh facade used on the surface of garage in a hospital lets in an natural light and breeze. Many garages are dark and airtight, however, this wire rope woven mesh facade is effectively achieve the functional of ventilated and sun shine through. It is a good choice for using on building's surface or partitions.

The evening glow shining on the a building's woven wire mesh facade.


The wire rope woven mesh facade is woven by cable ropes across the stainless steel rods. The weight of wire rope woven mesh facade is 6 kg in square meter and the 75% open area. Thus, it is strong and stable facade design. Maximum let in light and air. In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design standpoint, the wire rope mesh facade, gives the building geometrical shape, makes the building grand.

Woven wire mesh installed on the surface of a building.


Wire rope woven mesh facade is an outer covering of highrise buildings, utilized to keep the weather out and the unauthorized people in. The woven mesh facade frame is also cover in the peripheral of glass wall or precast concrete to provide more strong protection and also an architecturally pleasing building, as well as benefits like daylighting.

Wire rope woven mesh along the bottom to the top of a building's surface.


Look at the picture, wire rope woven mesh facades are suspended from top to bottom of a building. It is very flexible because you can roll up the facade or unroll as you wish. The material of wire woven mesh facade can be made of stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel features anti-corrosion and anti-rust, thus ensures facade's long service life, also offers a bright appearance. The aluminum is with a high melting point, 660°C, provide a good fire-resistant.

Wire rope woven mesh facade on the external of a office building.


In modern highrise buildings, the building outer walls are often suspended from metal wire mesh facade to instead of concrete slabs. Wire rope woven mesh facade is one of the excellent substitute offer sufficient air and light. What's more, modern buildings were built very close, to lower the possibility of fire spreading from one to another. Metal woven mesh facade is non-fuel material, so you don't need to worry it burns.

Four side of a tall building is enclosed by wire rope woven mesh.


Wire rope woven mesh often replace concrete outside wall next to the staircase, window and corridor. The arrangement of the facade is purpose to let people feel the cool breeze, and also enjoy the beautiful view from inside. Except for that, architecture wire mesh facade. Even the woven mesh facade permits sunlight pour in, but the open area usually not more that 90%, so it can be utilized to filter sunray and offer visual transparency from the inside.

Sunlight pouring into a house through woven wire mesh facade.


Wire rope woven entirely replace concrete slab for used as wall facade. Unlike glass facade, stainless steel or aluminum wire woven mesh facade is easy to install and remove. This wire rope woven mesh facade is solid and stable, it is no longer required for structural support but supported by themselves.

Wire rope woven mesh is built into building's facade to offer higher protection.


Building facades that are attach to concrete wall will be made from aluminum or stainless steel due to their anti-corrosion resistant and high melting point. In recent years, more abundant materials for example titanium have been used, but due to its expensive cost, they have not been popular. Stainless steel or aluminum wire rope woven mesh facade is the perfect fireproof product for highrise buildings.


  • High protection property.
  • Natural ventilation.
  • Allows sunlight pour in the house.
  • Excellent view from the inside.
  • Grand and novel design.
  • Fixed and removable solutions.


  • Material
    Stainless steel wire, aluminum wire.
  • Open area
    46%, 64%, 66%, 76%.
  • Weight
    6.6 kg/m2, 8.0 kg/m2, 10.2 kg/m2.
  • Technique
  • Standard
  • Package
    Each wire roll in durable paper box.


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