Winder Disc Tube Reverse Osmosis FRP Housing – 75 Bar, 150 Bar, 200 Bar

DTRO FRP housing winded by fiberglass and epoxy.

Winder FRP DTRO membrane housing is a classification of DT membrane technology, also known as disc tube module technology. It is designed for separation of high-density waste solution by membrane components and makes up the defect that the conventional reverse osmosis membrane module is difficult to treat high-concentration sewage.

DT component operating pressure has 75 Bar, 150 Bar, 200 Bar the three levels for alternative. In addition to standard production models, Winder also provide OEM service, R&D and production of non-standard products.


  • Mirror inner wall surface
  • No rusting, anti-oxidation & aging
  • Uneasy to damage the membrane column element
  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent anti-pollution performance
  • Easy to assemble, long service life


  • Material
    Fiberglass and epoxy.
  • Process
  • Pressure Rate (Bar)
    75 Bar, 150 Bar, 200 Bar optional.
  • Available height
    1.15 m, 1.2 m.
  • Operating temperature
    -7 °C–49 °C.
  • Color
    Original or customized.
  • Certificate
    ISO9001, ISO14001.
  • Package
    Use wooden box package or rigid cardboard package.


  • Landfill leachate treatment of:
    • Garbage, Hospitals, family planning centers.
    • Health & epidemic prevention station.
    • Industrial zone, incineration plant.
    • landfill leachate treatment plants.
    • Living& food waste treatment plants.
  • Wastewater treatment produced by:
    • Coking, oil, gas, coal, chemical.
  • Purification, desalination, recycling separation of mobile water.
  • Recovery of Acid, alkali & precious metals.
Disc tube reverse osmosis FRP high pressure resistance shell.
DTRO FRP housing for high concentration waste water treatment by membrane components.
DTRO FRP housing for landfill leachate treatment.
Disc tube reverse osmosis FRP high pressure resistance shell.
Disc tube reverse osmosis system.
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