2.5" FRP Membrane Housing – Maximum Pressure: 1000 PSI, End Port

White membrane housing with 2.5 inch inner diameter made in Winder.

Winder 2.5" FRP membrane housing also called FRP pressure vessel, is a preferred choice for commercial and industrial water purification in membrane process. It is a cylindrical housing that made of fiberglass and epoxy, applicable in a widely range of working pressure, from 300 psi to 1000 psi. and capable of loading the membrane elements of 14", 21" and 40". Designed with SS304 crescent shaped lock plate that ensures the head installation is more simple and safe.

Winder series FRP membrane housing are applicable to multiple standard membrane element, E.g. Filmtec, Hydranautics, Osmonics, Koch, Toray, CSM, Vontron and BDX, etc.

Non-standard products could be tailor-made to meet the satisfaction of your special projects.


  • Burst test: 6 times of its design pressure.
  • Cycle test: 100000 times.
  • Hydraulic test: 100% quality assurance test with 1.2 times stage elevation.
  • Barcol hardness test: repeated once every 1.5 meters.
  • Test every membrane housing, not sampling.
  • Standard and non-standard are all available.


  • Name
    FRP membrane housing, FRP pressure vessel.
  • Material
    Fiberglass and epoxy.
  • Working pressure
    300–1000 PSI.
  • Operating temperature
    -10 °C–49 °C.
  • Connection type
    End port.
  • Operating pH range
  • Cleaning pH range
    2–12 (≤ 30 min).
  • Process
  • Color
    White, original, blue, yellow, fruit green or customized.
  • Package
    Use wooden box package or rigid cardboard package.
  • Drawing




  • Components
    Components assembly diagram of 2.5 inch FRP membrane housing.

    Component assembly diagram of 4" side entry

    Component detail of 2.5 inch FRP membrane housing.
    1. Inner hexagonal head bolt
    2. Crescent film
    3. Pressure head
    4. Sealing rings
Table 1: 2.5" Membrane Housing Specification
Model No. Design pressure
Operating temperature Connection Element length
W2514E300 300 -10 °C–49 °C End port 14" × 1
W2521E300 300 -10 °C–49 °C End port 21" × 1
W2540E300 300 -10 °C–49 °C End port 40" × 1
W2514E1000 1000 -10 °C–49 °C End port 14" × 1
W2521E1000 1000 -10 °C–49 °C End port 21" × 1
W2540E1000 1000 -10 °C–49 °C End port 40" × 1



  • Metallurgy & petrochemical.
  • Food & beverage.
  • Pharmaceutical & chemical.
  • Power & electronics.


  • RO, NF, UF, & MF system.
  • Waste water treatment.
  • Re-use of recycled water.
  • Seawater desalination.
  • Brackish water desalination.
Cheng Da Winder FRP membrane housing is used in the Biel Crystal water treatment engineering.

Biel Crystal water treatment engineering

Cheng Da Winder FRP membrane housing is used in the Daya Bay Cnooc's refinery project

Daya Bay Cnooc's refinery project

Cheng Da Winder FRP membrane housing is used in the Qingdao wastewater reclamation project.

Qingdao wastewater reclamation project

Cheng Da Winder FRP membrane housing is used in the petrochemical wastewater reclamation project.

Petrochemical water treatment project

Cheng Da Winder FRP membrane housing is used in the Gansu chemical plant water process engineering.

Gansu chemical plant water processing

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