FRP Precision Filter – Easy Disassembly, Reliable Operation

FRP precision filters with different sizes.

Winder FRP precision filter is a patent product which adopted the material, technology and structure of FRP membrane housing. It is usually settled before a pressure vessel to wipe out fine particles with turbidity higher than 1 to satisfy the water input requirement in the following procedure. Sometimes settled at the end of the entire water system to prevent these small particles enter the finished water and damaging the membranes.


  • Composite construction for highest strength
  • No rusting, anti-oxidation & aging
  • Reliable operation
  • Beautiful configuration
  • Accessories design optimization
  • Easy disassembly long service life


  • Material
    Fiberglass and epoxy.
  • Type
    5E20", 5E30", 5E40".
  • Process
  • Color
    Original, blue, yellow, fruit green or customized
  • Package
    Use wooden box package or rigid cardboard package.
Table1: Specification of FRP Precision Filter
Model No. Diameter
Connection Feed/Concentrate Port Size Pressure (PSI) Water Flow (T/H)
5E20" 200 780 Side entry DN40/1.5" NPT ≤ 1.0MPa 5.0
5E30" 200 1034 Side entry DN40/1.5" NPT ≤ 1.0MPa 7.5
5E40" 200 1288 Side entry DN40/1.5" NPT ≤ 1.0MPa 10.0


Precision (Security) filters are widely used for:

  • Production of drinking & domestic water
  • Electronics
  • Printing, dyeing & textile
  • Alcohol & pharmaceutical filtration
  • Acid & alkali filtration
  • Desalination & RO membranes pre-filtration
Winder FRP precision filter for marine seawater treatment system.

Winder FRP precision filter project

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