Welded Wire Security Fence – High Rigidity and Anti-Corrosion

A piece of galvanized welded security fence panel.

Welded security fence with dense meshes has a special trait of anti-climbing.

Welded wire security fence is a welded-wire physical security perimeter barrier for high security level fence project. Compared with other welded wire fences, the welded security fence has higher strength, rigidity and security to avoid people climbing. The surface treatment of the fence includes hot-dip galvanization and PVC coating. Now, welded wire security fence has been widely applied to prison, military, airport, residential areas, recreational places, public buildings, industrial facilities, schools, and playgrounds.


  • Has high strength, rigidity.
  • High weather adaptability.
  • Anti-corrosion, pressure and abrasion.
  • Do not sag.
  • Stable structure.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Durable and long service life.


  • Material
    high quality low carbon steel, iron wire, stainless steel wire.
  • Composition
    posts, rails, fittings, razor wire, barbed wire.
  • Dipped wire diameter
    4–11 gauge.
  • Surface treatment
    hot-dip galvanized, and PVC coating.
  • Color
    dark green, olive green, brown, black, silver.
  • Framework
    • Rails: top, bottom, intermediate or brace rails.
    • Posts: gateposts, line posts and terminal posts.
  • Fittings
    nuts, thread, bolts, washer, clips, etc.
Recommended Mesh Size and Wire Gauge for Welded Wire Security Panels
Items Mesh Opening (Width × Height) Wire Diameter Gauge Panel Width for Post Spacing 6, 7, 8, and 10 ft. (in.) Panel Length (Height) (ft.)
WSF511 0.5" × 2.0" 11 74, 86, 98, 122 6–21
WSF510 0.5" × 3.0" 10.5 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21
WSF509 0.5" × 3.0" 9 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21
WSF508 0.5" × 3.0" 8.5 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21
WSF506 0.5" × 3.0" 6 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21
WSF704 0.75" × 3.0" 4 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21


  • Forests
  • Playgrounds
  • Schools
  • Zoos
  • Airports
  • Railways
  • Factories
  • Construction sites
  • Prisons or military uses.
  • Open-air parking lots
  • Houses
  • Private residences
A welded wire security fence separates the trees, lawn and a road.
A long green PVC coated welded wire security fence is installed in the basketball court.
Black welded wire security fence is installed between two buildings.
Welded security fences are protecting industrial tubes.
Stainless steel security fences are installed in prisons to prevent criminals from escaping the prison.
Long welded security fences are protecting private residence.
Welded security fences are installed at both sides of the road.
Black welded security fences are equipped beside the railway.
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