Roll Top Fence – The Best Choice for Protection of Parks and Gardens

A black roll top fence in a close distance.

High strength and excellent corrosion resistance make roll top fence popular in the applications of protection equipment.

Roll top fence, also called roll top welded wire fence, which is made from mild or stainless steel. Its features of unique roll top and bottom structure and various colors give it a visual attractive appearance. With high rigidity, strength and corrosion resistance, roll top fence is widely used for schools, parks, recreational places, swimming pools, bridges, all kinds of roads, sports fields, airports, and private residence.


  • High rigidity and strength.
  • No sharp or raw edges.
  • Excellent through vision.
  • Corrosion, pressure resistant.
  • Durable and long service life.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Easy to and install, clean and maintain.


  • Material
    mild steal, stainless steel, carbon steel.
  • Surface treatment
    galvanized and PVC coated.
  • Shapes of roll top
    triangle, round.
  • Horizontal wire diameter
    5–6.3 mm.
  • Vertical wire diameter
    5–7.5 mm.
  • Mesh opening
    50 × 100 mm, 50 × 150 mm, 50 × 200 mm, up to 50 × 700 mm.
  • Fence height
    900–2400 mm.
  • Panel width
    2500–3000 mm.
  • Colors
    green, white, gray, red, black, yellow, blue.


  • Swimming pools
  • Roads
  • Construction site
  • Airports
  • Parks
  • Recreational places
  • Farms
  • Construction site
  • Houses
  • Private residence
Beside a swimming pool, there is a roll top welded fence on the grassland.
On account of safety, roll top fences are installed on the side of the bridge.
A pavilion is in a park and a roll top fence is installed on the boundary of the park.
A roll top fence is installed in a recreational place that has some entertainment facilities.
White PVC coated roll top fence is installed on the road.
A white roll top fence is installed in front of the trees to prevent the cars in it.
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