Paladin Fencing Features High Rigidity & Durability in Residential Area

Green paladin fence surrounds residential area.

Paladin fencing is one of the most popular welded wire mesh fences, applied to residential area.

Paladin fencing is a prevailing product with the features of anti-climbing, anti-cut and beautiful appearance. It can be seen from the picture, six to seven vertical stripes are very close at regular interval, a vertical strip is little far from them. At the end of the upper edge is V-shape. This design make paladin fencing beautiful also difficult to climb.

To make sure a long service life, commonly coated with zinc, polyester and powder, therefore, greatly improve its' corrosion and rust resistance. You can use it in residential area, school, garden, park, roadside, farm, orchard and so on.


  • Anti-climbing & anti-cutting.
  • Anti-corrosion & anti-rust.
  • High-strength and high rigidity.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Enjoy the view through the fence.
  • Fit to many places.


  • Material
    Steel wire.
  • Panel width
    2500 mm, 3025 mm.
  • Panel height
    900–2400 mm.
  • Spike to top edge
    30 mm.
  • Post size
    60 × 40 mm, 60 × 60 mm, 80 × 60 mm.
  • Horizontal wire
    3 mm diameter at 50 mm center with additional 4 mm diameter in the 'V' beams.
  • Vertical wire
    3 mm diameter at 50 mm and 12.5 mm center.
  • Appearance
    0.9 m/1.2 m/1.8 m panels have 2 'V' forms, 2.0 m/2.4 m panels have 3 'V' forms.
  • Material of post cap
    Plastic or metal.
  • Surface treatment
    Galvanized, polyester coating, powder coating (thickness of powder coated 80–100 micron).
  • Color
    Green, blue, black, red, etc.
  • Package
    Packed in waterproof containers.
Table-1: Specification of Paladin Fencing
Post size (mm) Fence height (mm) Panel size (mm) Beams Inter clamps Corner clamps
60 × 60 × 2
60 × 80 × 2.5
900 925 × 3025 2 3 6
1200 1240 × 3025 2 4 8
1800 1850 × 3025 2 5 10
2000 2000 × 3025 3 6 12
2400 2440 × 3025 3 7 14


  • Residential area fence.
  • Administrative building fence.
  • Parking lot fence.
  • Playground fence.
  • Sport field fence.
  • Airport fence.
  • School fence.
  • Garden fence.
  • Park fence.
  • Warehouse fence.
  • Industry fence.
  • Railway fence.
  • Orchard fence.
  • Farm fence.
  • Zoo fence.
Metal paladin fencing be installed around administrative buildings.

Paladin fence–administrative building area

Green paladin fence installed on the grassland.

Industrial area paladin fencing

Green paladin fencing installed on the roadside.

Paladin fencing on the roadside

Gray paladin fence installed in the periphery of a industry.

Gray paladin fencing surrounding a factory

Green paladin fencing surrounding a factory.

Paladin fencing surrounding a industry

Blue paladin fencing surrounding a parking lot.

Paladin fencing in a parking lot

Green paladin fencing surrounding a personal property.

Paladin fence surrounding private property

Green paladin fencing installed around a park.

Paladin fencing surrounding a park

Green paladin fencing is used as residential property enclosure.

Paladin fencing surrounds residential area

Paladin fencing installed on concrete wall to reinforce the anti-climbing.

Paladin fencing is used in school area

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