Silt Fence – Temporary Sediment Control Device

There is a black silt fence fabric roll with welded wire mesh.

Assembled with durable welded wire mesh, our silt fence products offer you best solution for temporary sediment control.

Silt fence, also called filter fence, is made of premium polyethylene fabric and welded wire mesh. Silt fence is a kind of temporary sediment control devices, and it is durable, resistant to ultraviolet light and easy to install and remove. With light weight and long service life, silt fence is often installed with welded wire meshes and widely used on the construction sites, erodible slopes, causeways, roadsides or used along streams, river, lakes and various ditches to control the sediment and protect the water quality.


  • Light weight.
  • Tight enough to prevent sediment.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Durable and long service life.


  • Material of silt fence fabric
    Premium polyethylene.
  • Typical colors of silt fence fabric
    Black and orange.
  • Material of welded wire mesh
    Stainless steel.
  • Diameter of welded wire mesh
    At least 14 gauge.
  • Accessories and devices
    Metal posts, hog rings, fencing pliers, zip ties, safety caps, sod staples.
Table 1: Common Specification of Silt Fence Fabric
Item Height Length Style Color Weight
SFF-01 36" 50' non-woven plain black 80 gsm
SFF-02 36" 80' woven teal with black stripes 100 gsm
SFF-03 40" 85' non-woven black 80 gsm
SFF-04 48" 50' woven black with blue lines 120 gsm
SFF-05 48" 100' non-woven orange 100 gsm
SFF-06 48" 100' woven black with green lines 120 gsm
SFF-07 60" 200' woven black and aqua plaid 130 gsm
Table 2: Common Specification of Silt Fence Welded Wire Mesh
Item Opening Size (mm) Roll Size
(Height × Length)
SFWMS-01 25 × 50 36" × 80'
SFWMS-02 50 × 100 36" × 50'
SFWMS-03 75 × 100 48" × 50'
SFWMS-04 100 × 100 36" × 100'
SFWMS-05 65 × 130 48" × 100'
SFWMS-06 75 × 150 60" × 200'
SFWMS-07 150 × 150 60" × 200'


  • Used along streams, rivers, lakes and ditches.
  • Used along the roadsides.
  • Used near the causeways.
  • Used at the bottom of highly erodible slopes.
  • Used on the construction sites.
Orange super silt fence installed beside the greenbelt.
Black silt fence installed with wooden stakes and set on the soil.
Silt fence with metal posts installed on the slope.
Short silt fence installed on the hillside.
Filter fence installed beside the rocks.
Black filter fence installed surrounding a stream.
Super silt fence combined with T studded posts installed along the roadside.
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