Flexible Mesh Curtain – Softness, Rigidity, Semi-transparent

A close-up picture of flexible mesh curtain, our decorative curtain is particularly beautiful with the fresh background.

Flexible mesh curtain can satisfy your high aesthetic while ensuring durability. decoration.

Flexible mesh curtain also known as metal coil drapery or mesh coil curtain. It is made of stainless steel, copper or aluminium spiral wire. According to different types of linking mainly include metal coil drapery, spiral link mesh (architectural conveyor mesh) and honeycomb decoration mesh, etc. Finished products with ventilation, light transmission, yet anti-corrosion, firm and tenacious. It has become the preferred decorative materials for home, upscale clubs and office buildings. Walcoom accept custom orders of different styles and colors.


  • Softness yet firm and tenacious.
  • Semi-transparent, sagging good.
  • Dignified and generous, no fading.
  • Anti-corrosion, fireproof, resilient.
  • Extensive use, remarkable decoration effect.
  • Various shapes and sizes are available.
  • Environmental protection, long service life.


  • Name
    Metal coil drapery, mesh coil curtain, wire mesh coil drapery, honeycomb decoration mesh, spiral link mesh, architectural conveyor mesh, conveyor belt mesh, metallic curtain gama flexi, metallic curtain gama.
  • Material
    Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, aluminium alloy, copper or brass coil mesh.
  • Wire shape
    Spiral wire.
  • Type

    Metal coil drapery, honeycomb decoration mesh, spiral link mesh.

    A close-up picture of gold metal coil mesh for decorative drapery.

    MF-01: Gold flexible mesh curtain

    A close-up picture of copper honeycomb decoration mesh for metal curtain.

    MF-02: Copper honeycomb decoration mesh

    Stainless steel conveyor belt mesh with flat spiral wire and straight round cross rod.

    MF-03: Copper conveyor belt mesh

    Metal coil drapery

    • Wire diameter: 0.5–2 mm.
    • Aperture size: 3–20 mm.
    • Open area: 40%–85%.
    • Diamond height: 3–20 mm.
    • Diamond width: 5.5–35 mm.
    • Coil outside diameter: 3.75–19.5 mm.
    • Coil inside diameter: 4–24 mm.
    • Pitch: 4–24 mm.
    • Weight: 4.2–6 kg/m2, depending on material and size chosen.

    Honeycomb decoration mesh

    • Wire diameter: 0.5-5 mm.
    • Width: Up to 3000 mm.
    • Open area: 40%–76%.
    • Mesh type: Twisted.

    Spiral link mesh

    • Spiral wire type: Round or flat.
    • Spiral wire diameter: 1.2–10 mm.
    • Spiral wire pitch: 3–38 mm.
    • Rod type: Straight or bent.
    • Rod diameter: 1.3–5 mm.
    • Rod pitch: 13–64.5 mm.
  • Curtain size
    Any width & length available according to customer's requirement.
  • Process
    Wire-draw, stranding, laying-up, polishing, rinsing, woven.
  • Surface treatment
    Gold-plated, sliver-plated, titanium plating, tin plating, baked enamel, anodized, etc.
  • Color
    Bronze, copper, brass, silver, ebony black, purplish red, gold, any color available according to customer's requirement.
  • Package
    Standard pallet with packaged into rolls by waterproof paper or bubble plastic film, or according to your requirements.


  • Window curtain.
  • Space dividers.
  • Stage background.
  • Large lighting decoration.
  • Ceiling decoration.
  • Stairway railing.
  • Architectural outdoor drapes.
  • Public architectonic art.
The flexible mesh curtains in this room is made of metal coil mesh. It is semi-transparent and elegant.
There is a semi-transparent flexible mesh curtain for villa decoration.
The upscale restaurant partition curtain is made with purple metal coil mesh.
The honeycomb decorative mesh is made of stainless steel spiral mesh.
The elegance exterior wallcovering of this high-rise building is made of spiral belt mesh.
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