Metal Chain Curtains – Modern Fashion Style, Easy to Install, Durable

A picture of ring mesh curtain with silver color.

Metal chain curtains is the inspirational decoration materials which popular in modern fashion, architecture, decoration and other fields.

Ring mesh curtain can be classified into two categories, they are ring chainmail curtains and ring chain curtains. The main material is round and oval rings of metal, they may be linked by S hook or direct connected by ring and ring, sometimes we can string a colorful ribbon through the chain curtain. Its has a changeable shapes which often able to show stylish, noble decorative effect.

Chain link curtain is consist of aluminum hook link chains. It can maintain the original color of aluminum or anodized into various colors. Featured by simple structure, graceful lines, appealing design, economical and practical and easy to install, it have a widespread application sweep up chain fly screens, door or window drapery, room divider and so on.

Walcoom own professional metal chain curtain machines, your customization order is our honor.


  • Sparkling appearance, no fading.
  • High strength and flexible.
  • Semi-transparent, ventilating, flowing squareness.
  • Anti-corrosion, fireproof, resilient.
  • Extensive use, remarkable decoration effect.
  • Various shapes and sizes are available.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Environmental protection, long service life.


  • Name
    Chain curtain, chainmail curtain, ring chainmail curtain, chain link curtain, chain fly screens.
  • Type

    Ring mesh curtain, chain link curtain.

    A close-up picture of brass metal ring mesh linked by S hooks.

    CT-01: Brass metal ring mesh curtain

    A close-up picture of stainless steel ring mesh made of flat rings linked by round hooks.

    CT-02: Stainless steel ring mesh curtain

    A close-up picture of copper ring mesh made of round wire rings linked by ring and ring.

    CT-03: Directly linked ring mesh curtain

    There are seven golden chain curtains made of steel oval rings.

    CT-04: Various oval ring chain curtains

    There are seven chain link curtains with seven colors, they are so endearing.

    CT-05: Colorful chain link curtains

    There are five chain link curtains with novel elasticity transparent coating.

    CT-06: Transparent chain link curtains

  • Ring mesh curtain
    • Material: Steel, stainless steel, copper, brass.
    • Ring shape: Round, oval.
    • Wire diameter: 0.5–2.0 mm.
    • Aperture size: 3–22 mm.
    • Interface of ring: Welded or non-welded.
    • Weight: 5–7 kg/m2.
  • Chain link curtain
    • Material: Aluminum.
    • Wire diameter: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 mm, etc.
    • Hook width: 9 or 12 mm.
    • Hook length: 17, 20.4, 22.5, 24 mm, etc.
    • Curtain size (m): 0.8 × 2, 0.9 × 1.8, 0.9 × 2, 1 × 2, 1 × 2.1, etc.
  • Curtain size
    Any width & length available according to customer's requirement.
  • Surface treatment
    Nature, colored, polished, matt waxed, anodized, etc.
  • Color
    Silver, golden, lavender, red, blue, black, purple, any color available according to customer's requirement.
  • Package
    Standard pallet with packaged into rolls by waterproof paper or bubble plastic film, or according to your requirements.


  • Window curtain.
  • Doorway fly screens
  • Space dividers.
  • Lamp decoration.
  • Stage sets.
  • Shop window decoration.
  • Exhibition stands decoration.
The chain link curtain with black and sliver color made of aluminium cycle chains.
The curtain of this upscale clubs is decorated with purple ring mesh.
The reception area divider of this exhibition hall is fitting with sliver chain link curtain.
The wall covering decoration is furnished with golden ring mesh drapery.
The doorway fly screen is decorated with sliver chain link curtains.
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