Expanded Metal Railing Coated with Various Coating to Resistant to Rust

Brown expanded metal railing installed outdoor.


Expanded metal railing coated with a layer of brown protective coating when it uses outside. The coating prolong expanded metal railing service life. In addition, bright color coating make it more attractive. The many small mesh openings allow flow of air, light and water. Another advantage of expanded metal railing is that it has superior weather-resistant.

White coating expanded metal railing matches the white wall.


The white coating expanded metal railing faces the white wall. As we know, railing is designed to prevent people from slipping or falling. Expanded metal panel is high rigidity and anti-fracture strength, perfectly answer for outdoor and indoor stair railing. In modern architectures, stair railing not only requires high protection property but also beautiful effect. Hence, the coating of expanded metal railing is white so as to match the white wall.

Indoor stair railing consists of expanded metal panels.


Expanded metal railing is a simple and concise product fitting indoor and outdoor railing. It is light-weight but durable. To improve anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, the surface often coated with a layer of PVC coating, powder coating and zinc coating. The coating perfectly protects railing's surface, furthermore, the color of coating usually meet with the internal environment.

A building is covered by expanded metal facade as well as the stair railing.


Expanded metal railing is made of stainless steel, or aluminum or low carbon steel. To give a feeling a novel and pleasing to people, the building facade, stair treads and stair handrail are all adopts expanded metal sheets. The advantage of this design is good for the air circulation in all corners of the building. Due to its self-cleaning nature, leave, stone and other litter cannot stand on it.

Brown fattened expanded metal railing mounted beside ceramic treads.


The expanded metal railing consists of two layers to reinforce the its structural intensity. This expanded metal railing with fattened and smooth surface so that does not cause harm to people. Expanded metal railing allows the flow of air and light. Except for railing, expanded metal also can be used as exposed building facade, stair treads, fence, etc.

Indoor metal stair treads combine with expanded metal railing.


This railing design is very common in modern architecture. It is simple in structure, easy to install and remove. Although it looks light but structurally strong and hard, offering a good protection for people. Additionally, the simple structure can save a great deal of time when you install it or remove it.

Expanded metal railing is made of expanded metal, cooperated with wood circle bars.


Expanded metal railing consists of expanded metal infill panels and wooden framework, the expanded metal has plenty of small mesh openings, permits people to look through. Also let air and light in. the design of stair railing requires a proper height in consideration of adults and children. So the height of stair railing is more than 1000 mm.

Expanded metal railing installed on the two sides of concrete stair.


Expanded metal railing infill panel mounted outdoor in front of a building. When apply expanded metal sheets to stair railing project, the expanded metal infill panel most come with other sleek framework so as to avoid hurting person's hand when they hold the railing edge walk up and down the stair. In order to prolong its lifespan, the railing will painted by a protective coating except stainless steel railing.


  • High security performance.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Good ventilation, allow flow of air & light.
  • Light-weight but durable.
  • Easy cutting and shearing.
  • Fit for indoor and outdoor stairs.


  • Material
    Stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminium, aluminium alloy, copper, brass.
  • Thickness
    1.5–3 mm.
  • Panel width
    0.5–1.5 m.
  • Panel length
    0.5–2 m.
  • Type
    Fattened expanded metal, raised expanded metal.
  • Surface treatment
    PVC coated, powder coated, anodized, galvanized, polishing, etc.
  • Color
    White, brown, gray, etc.
  • Package
    Packed by waterproof cloth or wooden cases.


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