Bronze Wire Mesh Serves for Marine, Military, Architectural Areas

One piece of phosphor bronze wire mesh with plain weave type.

Contact us with your specific needs of bronze wire meshes and we cut to your specifications.

Bronze is a metal alloy that contains primarily of copper in the wire mesh industry. Commercial and phosphor bronze wire meshes are ideal for weaving.

Bronze wire mesh exhibits many of the same characteristics of copper. With a dull-gold colour, it's increasingly popular for decorative and architectural applications. Because of its resistance to corrosion, bronze wire mesh has wide range of applications from commercial & residential insect screen to marine and military applications. Other applications include separation and filtration, infill panels, room dividers, jewelry, ceiling panels, etc.


  • Good germicidal properties.
  • Malleability, durability and ductility.
  • Low friction coefficient and acoustic properties.
  • Electrical and low thermal conductivity.
  • Bronze holds up well in seaside climates.


  • Colour
  • Surface treatment
    annealed or unannealed.
  • ASTM Standard for C22000
    ASTM B36.
  • SASTM Standard for C51000
    ASTM B139.
  • Mesh size
    • Bronze wire mesh: 2 mesh to 200 mesh.
    • Phosphor bronze wire mesh: 14 mesh to 200 mesh.
  • Wire diameter
    • Bronze wire mesh: 0.0021" to 0.120".
    • Phosphor bronze wire mesh: 0.0021" to 0.019".
  • Weave type
    lain weave or intercrimp/lock weave.
  • Please click to view detailed specifications of bronze & phosphor bronze wire mesh


  • Room dividers
  • Filtration and separation
  • Screen mesh for windows, doors or porches
  • Infill panels
  • Cabinetry
  • Jewelry
Bronze insect screen is installed on the porch of a house.
Oil rubbed bronze wire mesh installed on the cabinetry in a house with classical style.
One custom fireplace screen made from bronze wire mesh.
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