Copper Wire Mesh – Excellent Electrical & Thermal Conductivity

This is one piece of copper wire mesh with plain weave type.

Woven to industry standard ASTM E-2006, copper wire mesh is critical to many industries.

Copper wire mesh, known as malleable, ductile, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, offers a wide selection of benefits. It is non-magnetic, anti-sparking and resistant to many chemicals, salt air and brine, making it an ideal choice for salt and briny conditions.

For its unique characteristics, copper wire mesh has a variety of electrical-based, agricultural and architectural applications such as RFI shielding, Faraday cage, roof soffit, snail control, decorative mesh, insect screen and more. Contact us at for your specific needs of copper wire mesh.


  • Commercially 99%+ pure copper.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in marine environment.
  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Soft and easy to fabricate.
  • Tough with high melting point.
  • Non-magnetic.
  • Resistant to marine lives such as snails, mussels.
  • Good hygienic and antibacterial properties.


  • Material
    commercially pure copper wire, meets ASTM E2016.
  • Wire diameter
    0.0012" – 0.177".
  • Mesh count
    3/4 mesh to 500 mesh.
  • Surface finish coating
    mill finish.
  • Mesh size
    2 mesh to 200 mesh.
  • Wire diameter
    0.0021" to 0.135".
  • Weave type
    plain weave, intercrimp/lock weave.
  • Please click to view detailed specifications of copper wire mesh


  • Plain weave copper wire mesh is commonly used for most of commercial applications and for filtration where high flow rate is required, typical uses include chemical processing, RFI electromagnetic shielding, Faraday cages, Tempest shielding, shielding electromagnetic radiation, insect screen, attic ventilation screen, roof soffit, laboratories, snail control, gardens, fireplace screen.
  • Intercrimp copper wire mesh is hard to bend by hand, thereas it has featured uses such as decorative mesh and for gardens.
This is one faraday cage that made from fine copper wire mesh.
This is one copper wire mesh basket with two handles.
This picture shows one sky room furnished with copper wire mesh screen for windows.
The picture shows four pieces of copper window screens installed in a villa.
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