Monel Wire Mesh – Excellent for Marine and Chemical Environment

This is one roll of monel wire mesh with very fine mesh.

Exotic and high temp copper-nickel alloy for corrosive high temperature applications.

Monel alloy has a long history of use as a corrosion resistant material in the wire mesh industry. As a relatively expensive material, most of monel wire meshes utilize Monel 400 grade to weave into certain specifications. Monel wire mesh has been widely used for industrial applications.

Monel 400, composed primarily of Copper and Nickel, is an extremely strong and durable material. This 400 grade Monel is highly resistant to chemical corrosion such as acids, alkali and salt water and it is preferred by industrial users who seek an alloy with excellent performance for highly caustic environments.


  • Resistant to sea water corrosion, acids and other corrosive media.
  • Great mechanical properties at subzero temperatures up to 1020° F.
  • Ideal for marine and chemical environments.
  • Good weldability.
  • Heat and wear resistance.
  • Cleanability and reusability.
  • High tensile and yield strength.
  • Ideal option for upscale screening seekers.
  • Long life cycle.
  • Competitively priced.


  • Material
    nickel alloys, nickel up to 67% and copper. Material meets ASTM E2016.
  • Construction type
    plain weave, intercrimp/lock.
  • Mesh
    1 mesh to 250 mesh.
  • Wire diameter
    0.0016" to 0.250".
  • Please click to view detailed specifications of Monel wire mesh


Aerospace, marine engineering, chemical process, power generation, hydrocarbon processing equipment, filters, sand control screens, sifting powders, air vents, screening for porches, doors, and windows.

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