Crimped Wire Mesh Facade Features Decorative and Protection Performance

Crimped wire mesh facade installed on the exterior of a building.


Crimped wire mesh facade is either made of stainless steel wire or aluminum or brass with superior features of corrosion-resistant, anti-alkali, fireproof. These external crimped wire mesh facade is non-load bearing, therefore, it much lighter than concrete wall. Crimped wire mesh is not only suitable for outdoor facade but also common used in indoor decorative partitions curtain.

A golden crimped wire mesh facade is next to a gold horse statue.


Crimped wire mesh is also referred to as decorative wire mesh. It perfect matches with some modern architectures, for example ceremonial buildings. Crimped wire mesh facade is made of brass with bright gold color so that beautifully match the nearby gold horse. Secondly, it a versatile product, fit to indoor decorative decor and outdoor facade.

Crimped wire mesh facade ran along the outside walkway.

Extra Protection

Crimped wire mesh is used as building durable facade that attach to the outer walkway. The crimped wire mesh facades are required to have strong protection performance. Based on actual needs, the crimped wire mesh is strong and stable for covering the exterior suspended walkway. People can walk on it safely, and enjoy the view though the mesh facade.

Crimped wire mesh installed on the outer wall, acts window extra protective balustrade.


Now, more and more balconies are enclosed with concrete or metal balustrades. In this picture, crimped wire mesh both can be facade and also balustrade. Metal crimped wire mesh is now often used in modern balcony or building facade than the past due to its easy installation, high tensile strength and beautiful design.

Golden brass crimped wire mesh facade.


Golden brass crimped wire mesh facade is designed to create pleasing and eye-catching purpose. Gold crimped wire mesh makes the buildings unique and different from other buildings, thus attract customers to visit the them. So what places should use crimped wire mesh facade? They are tourist attractions and entertainment places.

Stainless steel crimped wire mesh building facade.


Stainless steel crimped wire mesh facade is general know for good anti-corrosion and anti-alkali. Besides, the stainless steel crimped wire mesh also have additional benefits. Crimped wire mesh facade allowed light and air to penetrate further into the building, utilizing more natural light so that reducing lighting costs.

A building is designed with metal crimped wire mesh facade.


Crimped wire mesh serve on indoor building exterior facades. It also can be exterior building facade. This kind of crimped wire mesh facade has three purposes, first is to prevent intruders from entering and second is to let air and natural light in. Last easy to maintain.

Different crimped process metal wire mesh panels orderly erected into a outer wall.


These crimped wire mesh facades is a good substitute for concrete facade or wooden facade. This crimped wire mesh covering on the external wall of a building, provide people a good vision from inside. What's more, it is light-weight but strong and firm enough as building facade, also an ideal choice for highrise building windows.


  • Decorative and pleasing design.
  • High melting point.
  • Anti-corrosion & anti-rust.
  • Non-load bearing structure.
  • Suitable for indoor decorative curtain & outdoor facade.
  • Bright color & multi-design.


  • Material
    Stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, brass wire.
  • Technique
    Pre-crimped then woven.
  • Open area
  • Weave style
    Plain weave
  • Standard
  • Package
    Crimped wire panel wrapped by waterproof box or plastic film.


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